ETA on next patch?

Is there an ETA on the next patch or updated modding tools? I’m losing interest in this game.

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If I would have to venture a guess: “When its done” :stuck_out_tongue: And frankyl, I’d rather wait a bit longer and get a nice update and play some other game in the meantime than some rushed/downsized update just for the sake of releasing an update. But thats just me and I only play the game occasionally anyway, so it might be different for others.


I have to agree, while I’m really excited to get a fixed RODOH in my hands I want to make sure the Devs have the time to go through and do it properly without being badgered. As long as it’s being worked on I’m happy, because it’ll get to me :smile:

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I would rather get a good update too. I just don’t feel like waiting until I’m dead for it to come out. The game came out in February. How long do they need? There must be only a couple people working on it. The opportunity is being missed.


Pretty sure thats the case, I mean this game is not a triple A titel with a hundred million dollar budget and a few million sold copies, so things will progress a little slower since the team and budget are a lot smaller.

That said, I think they are doing a damn fine job of updating the game, the last update was only a little over 2 weeks ago and the one before that was even less than 2 weeks prior to that one. Yes the initial state of the game was nowhere near perfect and I totally understand that people are angry/disappointed about it, but one must applaud their commitment to the game and the steady flow of updates they keep on releasing for it.

So I really suggest you simply stop playing the game for a while until the update gets released and if the patchnotes are to your liking, start playing again :slight_smile: That way you will enjoy the update so much more and don’t grow tired of the game in the meantime, thats at least how I approach this subject :smiley:

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I have to agree (also lol) I think it’s much better to get a large update fixing everything, or at least nearly. What good is it to do minor fixes every few weeks and each one still leaving a lot of stuff screwed up. It would just make what’s left to fix even more irritating. Good things come to those who wait. Or… Good updates come to those who wait lol

An update is coming today!

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Great news. Although, while I’m happy for the new content, it’s a shame the update only focuses on bug fixes and new content (which I appreciate): I just thought that the balance problems would be a priority over things like this though :confused:


Isn’t balancing gonna get adressed separatly by a multiplayer patch/mod ?


See, told you to be patient :wink:

I have no clue. I know @BitVenom (or someone) was making references to such a balance mod, but it would be nicer if the fixes were bundled into the core, rather than just “tacked on” with a mod :confused:

i think they wanted to do it the other way around… fix bugs and get the engine solid, then balance.
the fact that they put in a lobby makes me so warm and fuzzy inside.

GBX, i know i can be hard on you guys… but i have to say, well done.

Yeah, THANKS Gearbox for keeping the updates rolling :slight_smile: you guys are doing a fantastic job here !