ETA on stable connectivity?

Any information on when multiplayer will be stable? It’s really in your best interest, GBX, to get this sorted out as the number of people retaining this game, playing it on twitch, posting youtube vids, and ultimately pulling you in more sales is dwindling rapidly. You guys really had a chance to blow this game up, and I really feel it could have been much, much more popular had you polished everything before release.

Broken repairs
Broken resources
Broken missions
Broken menus
Broken UI
Broken formations
Broken guard mechanics
Broken races
“beta” multiplayer that should be deemed “alpha and hanging on by a thread”

Sorry if I sound a little pissed, I am. I want my homeworld and I want it the way it used to work.

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Campaign problems and crashes are at the top of their list.

However Gearbox has already stated that there’s no way they can get most things to work in the HW2 engine without a total rewrite that would have otherwise put the release date out several more months.