Eternal Flame bug (PS4 confirmed)

I’ve been working on high uptime IB builds for a bit now, but decided to swap a raging bear for my first decent Eternal Flame and give it a go. Here’s what I found, and am hoping others can confirm:

If you’re running Deadlines or Never Going To Give You Up, the diminishing returns on those skills is not reset when you get an Eternal Flame proc. If IB cools down naturally, it works as expected. This causes each IB active time to seem significantly shorter if chaining EF procs. It does not seem to matter how long you wait to jump back into IB after the EF proc either, the diminished returns never resets until you get a full normal IB cool down cycle.

Build discussion aside of running fuel returns with EF, has anyone else experienced this, PS4 or other platforms?

What is DR? Most people use it for damage reduction, but you seem to be talking about the fuel return on those two skills.
(If it’s “drain reduction”, Never Going to Give You Up doesn’t give drain reduction).

Probably Diminishing Returns on the cool down.

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Diminishing returns on the fuel returned by the skills, still new to the forums, so forgive the error. Fixed in the original post for clarity.

Raging Bear works better for constant uptime. The flame’s advantage is immediately resetting cooldown after exiting. So the diminishing returns don’t matter.

Build specifics aside (noted not part of the discussion in the original post), it’s still a bug where Eternal Flame does not reset the diminishing returns of the fuel return skills.

I get that. But the the flame’s special ability makes it irrelevant.

Agreed. The only (admittedly very specific) scenario I can think of where that might not be the case is an Cub focused build that relies on Efficiency Engine for gun damage where you want to hit max cap and keep it for as long as possible.

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I was just asking others to confirm the bug, it can affect various ideas where maximizing uptime, and it’s a bug, needs to be acknowledged and fixed.

True, but a flare or raging bear would be better options for a com in that case.

In that case submit a bug report to 2k games support. Mentioning it here won’t get it the attention you want.

I can confirm the bug, experienced it as well. When running the build in the manner described, after your 3rd or 4th EF proc, even if it occurs 2 seconds prior to the cooldown finishing naturally, you may as well not have fuel return skills. Even Running on Fumes, which does not list itself as having diminishing returns, seems to not function properly with 2/1 in it after multiple procs, and your IB duration ends up being very short.

Sorry the knee jerk response you got was too busy telling you why it doesn’t matter there are bugs to bother verifying it for you, hope that helps. FWIW I have zero expectation of that bug ever getting fixed even if reported, note the other thread near the top which had an initial post 6 months ago acknowledging a bug in Rushin Offensive and saying they would add it to the list of things to fix. It’s never been fixed.

I haven’t had the bug, and merely offered a workaround. I can understand how some might find this frustrating.

Again go through 2k support and it’ll get put on the list with the other bugs.