Eternal Pet Build vs Slaughter Shaft TVHM Mayhem 3 Video

Back today with a video showcasing how the Eternal Pet build I posted recently performs at end game in the Slaughter Shaft!
Utilizing some lesser used weapons like the cloud kill and an incredibly fun Hyperion alien barrel shotgun with damage reduction modifiers on to show that meta weapons are not a requirement to succeed with this build, loads of room for variety in weapon choice :slight_smile:

For anyone looking to use the build, here it is (my particular Red Fang gives +1 Eager to Impress, +2 Ferocity, +2 He Bites!):“cb__2015308718___p__2158073648-5_117127705-3_281565876-2_1740990601-3_4171864922-1_2927115417-3_848128962-5_1474023286-3_2030200031-1_2818453945-2_2675403350-3_696695617-5_2555484897-5_390492389-1_1226621728-4_2694263575-2___e__1618958551-3114692079_403040056-345989920_1825536534-2041327099_772024924-2841879906”