Eternal Pet FL4K Build +288% Weapon Damage - Endgame Build Video

Hey everyone, after focusing on rakks i’ve been exploring synergy between the master and stalker tree for a week or so i’ve come up with a pet build that is easily able to solo end game content like slaughter shaft and proving grounds. In this video I break down the synergy between the two skill trees and how the aggro pull of the pet with red fang opens up flak to get the most out the dps options in the stalker tree. With your pet near impossible to take out and flak being able to get +288% weapon damage boost if played right, this build is a load of fun to use. With the pet buff on its way in an upcoming patch it’s a great time to jump into pet builds if you’d previously dismissed them as unviable!


I’ve been using a nearly identical skill build for a couple of weeks on my FL4K and love it. The amount of freedom you have to experiment with equipment as well as the breathing room the taunting pet allows cannot be overstated, even in TVHM M3. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more abuse the pet can take after today’s hotfix.

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couldn’t agree more and the weapon flexibility you mention is a really important fun factor to me. Not being forced to use meta weapons if you’d rather experiment with lesser used guns is a big plus for this build, can lead to some interesting discoveries in the process

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