Eternal Queue or server issue?

Due to study i didn’t played for a while, and now queue time seems to be eternal… ( i was used to join in 1/2 min max ).
Is there an issue with server or what?

I still like the game but really i can’t wait this much to play.

I left my queue and try to rejoin after 5 mins…
… i was put with the same player i was in team before.

are there only 5 player playing actually battleborn?

What system are you playing on?

As with any matchmaking technical problem, you need to tell us your details retaining to online play. IE gaming system, country, times of play, win/loss rate on chosen game mode, nat settings ect.

If you are playing on xbox then try a hard reset, that usually solves connection problems.
PC, if you are playing outside the US, try changing your download server location in Steam to a US location. It’ll increase your ping a bit but you gain access to a much larger player base.

Yes my bad.
I was talking about PC version.

yea, right now it is the worst time to be playing the game as it’s the lowest player count in a 24hr period - only 904 people playing it on PC in the whole world at the moment.

if I was playing on the PC I would mark down June 23rd in my Diary to put a lot of time into the game as that is when the steam sale starts and many people don’t buy PC games day 1, they wait till the first steam sale. So player base will increase substantially I think for the two week after 23rd June (sale last two weeks).

guess thats the last hope for bb