EU LF Advanced/Hardcore Story Mission grinding during dble exp (Can do PVP too)

So I’m fed up of groups of low level/inexperienced players who let the team down and exhaust my patience very quickly, and enjoyment of the game so I’m looking for other people looking to make progress in story missions for the best exp during the double exp event.

Happy to do PvP games as well, but story is where the loot and experience really rolls in, plus achievements! Everyone loves achievements. I am trying to play and Master as many characters as possible while the double exp event is about, and will be able most of the time until it ends now. (Life commitments have been moved about in order to dedicate myself to the first multiplayer game I’ve really enjoyed in well over a year, obsessed? Yes)

I played during the closed and open beta and played at the 2k bunker before open beta was released as part of a competition I participated in and won. So I’m pretty experienced, but I won’t hide that I can make mistakes like any other person.

I do have a crappy microphone if people prefer to use them too.

TL;DR: Looking for other obsessed players with the common sense and plenty of time to spend playing Battleborn.

Feel free to add and ask if I want to join a group you’ve formed or form one together with friends we both know will make a good team together and we’ll have a blast, I promise.