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Since I will be hosting loads of stuff related to the Homeworld Classic and Remastered games,including mods, I would like to know what text you want me to have in the footer of the pages? Copyright Notice.

Also, please contact me directly if you have questions about this.
I am pretty meticulous when it comes to asking for permissions and abiding by copyright notices, so I am keen on having your permissions, as I have had in my relations with Relic, Sierra, diverse Modders etc…

Any response to this yet?

Nope, no answers… I will be using the one from until someone tells me different:

©2015 Battlestar, LLC. Published and distributed by Gearbox Software. Homeworld, Gearbox & the Gearbox Software logos are registered trademarks, and the Homeworld logo is a trademark, all used courtesy of Gearbox Software, LLC. Relic is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.