European server NO GAME STARTS

hi there gearbox,

theres been a pretty big problem after the last patch…
the search engine seems to be broken like hell…
on 19 o clock the top time to log in
i wait over 30min for a game of incursion… other playmodes dont start at all not even after 1hour !!!

if there r more than 5 people playing battleborn this shouldnt take this long the search engines finds a 5man team but no enemy team…

a month ago we were about 40 people playing battleborn…now were down to 3…

i know patches needed to be checked on consoles…but on pc u c o u l d fix that issue NOW…

i cant find any official statement to these problem and since there r other people who have this there must be many…

so i wanna know what r u going to do ?

cause waiting until the whole community goes away maybe isnt the best plan to go with.

oh just fixed the error, if i go in with a friend who is really bad it opens up…but no one on my skill lvl although the games are not balanced…
so solo = no game starts ever
with low-skill friends = game starts immediatly but we lose with 90% chance

and it WORKED before that normal…i had about 50% win lose ratio which was perfect fine…solo or in group

I have noticed that today, on the East Coast, finding matches is the hardest I have ever seen.

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that the queue should be filled with bots when players numbers are low. It is imperative that people could start a game.

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A lot of people can’t get on today, as they’re applying hot fix and doing server maintenance. I still can’t get on, and it’s been close to 45 minutes.

that issue is longer than just a few days…so its not because of that

I hope we wont be punished for being good at the game by not finding other players. Not that I’m actually good but maybe one day.

You do. My search time cuts down by a couple minutes when I’m playing with my suicide bombing friend. And it’s only up to five minutes to begin with.

yep that seem to be the issue, if playing with a bad friend i got instant inv but we lose 90% of the game cause the matchmaking thinks i am soooo good i beat 3 players solo while my rest team beats 2 with 4 people…

and this was not a few weeks ago …i had no problem finding balanced matches in group and solo…my skill was pretty much the same since beginning…

if it really is a problem with to less people they should put console players together with pc

No. They can’t do cross platform. Especially with shooters. Mouse accuracy is much better than controller. That’s not an opinion, that’s fact.

u can buy a mouse for ps4 and xbox …not that hard to get…and aming in bb isnt that important on the most charakters…its not like bf whre i would get 30:3 just cause i aim godlike that wont work in bb

Most console gamers aren’t going to go out and spend money on purchasing a mouse and keyboard to play games. There are various reasons why they went the console route rather than PC, including the preference for controllers and being able to sit in comfort in front of the TV and not needing to sit at a desk (which you need obviously to use a mouse and keyboard).

Skill shouldn’t be a factor if there are 3 scrubs, 3 tolerable, 3 skilled and 1 Godlike in matchmaking… it should just launch “A” game instead of searching indefinitely for the “perfect” game.

sign, could help alot. last game with perfect matchmaking was lost cause of the long waiting time half of our team was afk…then since all were frustrated we gave up, haha ;D nice match

"European server NO GAME STARTS"
well, at least you’ll have a nice cash shop soon, aren’t you happy?

So, I started a topic pretty much like this one, but it got locked while it was getting replies, so I’m reposting what I wrote here :

I know there’s a ton of topics like this one, but I can’t take it anymore …
I’m past the point of anger, now I’m just sad.
I’m sad because I love this game, I really do. I love the cartoon style, I love the gameplay, the lore, everything. (I also posess Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel, which I both liked)

I WANT to promote this game, to tell friends “Hey you should buy this game, it’s awesome !”.

But I can’t play it. As simple as that.

I could say like everyone “It took me ages to find a game”, but I want to make my point clear. Here’s a video :


More than 1h30 waiting and I COULDN’T find a match. Not even a TEAM ! I am located in France, download region paris, tried US- New-York out of desesperation, changed nothing. Tried with the new update, still nothing.

Gearbox, as much as I love your games, this isn’t normal. And it saddens me even more that I consider this game to be one of my favorites, besides Super Metroid on SNES.

Please Gearbox, please do something about it. I’m usually quite the shy person, but I felt the need to stand up for this game.

u wont be able o play until its f2p or u buy the ps4 version

or Xbox :wink:
no problems for consoles

Same issue Asian time.

Imposible matching , now (under 500 pepole)

gearbox, remove “Skilled-base matching sysetem” (it only need ranked match)
We need smooth macthing sysetm on Normal matching.