Eve, Character Concept (Rogue Healer/Support)

So, I had an idea for a character, not exactly the most unique thing, as it does link to Varelsi. I haven’t decided on a helix, but I think I have the abilities down. Credit to MadelinaMocanu for the artwork, I couldn’t think of a concept for that.

Eve, the Varelsic Prophet.

Bio: Eve is a women of undying, a dark, emotionless character who believes in protecting her allies while seeking out the Varelsi.
Faction: Rogue
Background: Eve was once a prophet, travelling the galaxies, spreading the name of her gods. She once was famed for her abilities as a priest and healer, and faith in the people. That was, until on a distant planet, she was giving a speech and the Varelsi attacked. But one Varelsi stood out from the rest, a small Conservator, fighting against it’s allies. In a last stand, Eve joined the Conservator to beat it’s brethren, but not long before they were overwhelmed. In those last moments, the Conservator phased through the Void, merged with Eve, and banished them through the Void into the Solus System. After the Eldrid learned of her new-found Varelsic power, they refused to give her refuge, but the Rogues were happy to help.


  • Support
  • Healer
  • Varelsic
  • Complex
  • Talent: The Shadows: Eve has the spirit of a Conservator in her blood, allowing her to diversify into healing her allies or cursing her enemies through use of the Void.
  • Weapon: Dark Matter: Eve throws orbs at a moderate pace, but they travel slowly. They then split into 2 and home in on targets.
  • Secondary Attack: Eve compresses Energy into a bullet like-form, causing it to travel extremely quickly, to deal more damage and have area knockback, but a slow attack speed.
  • Melee: Eve casts a spell at close range that deals damage and knockback.
  • Passive: Dark Incantations: Eve receives additional attack speed after using any ability. This stacks to 5, before dropping a stack every 2 seconds after 5 seconds without using an ability.
  • Ability 1: Prophet’s Barricade: Eve summons a barricade at a choice location, blocking all enemy movement and projectiles from passing through. Those on the location of creation are knocked back.
  • Ability 2: Void Lance: Eve summons two lances of dark energy in her hands, before throwing them separately. Each lance pierces minor enemies, returning 50% of damage dealt as health to a nearby ally. Upon hitting a major enemy, lifetime is extended, they deal burst damage, and proceed to leech off the enemy and transfer health to a random nearby ally. If no ally is nearby, the health is instead restored to Eve.
  • Ultimate: Abolish: Eve has the choice to use Abolish on an enemy or ally. Used on an ally, it restores their health and shield completely instantaneously. Used on an enemy, and the enemy is shrouded in a bubble that traps them and deals damage over time. 50% of all damage dealt by the bubble is returned to nearby allies as health.

The ultimate functions similar to Reyna’s forcefield, but with a reduced area.
Any Criticism is much appreciated.


You will get much more and better feedback posting here

Because so many people comment on this forum

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My problem is though, I’ve posted multiple times there, nobody has ever given me extensive feedback. At all. I tried to revive the thread days ago, but to no avail. Thread is dead tbh, So I’d prefer feedback here.

Love the concept and artwork!
Both her attacks seems to be of the “slow” variety maybe hasten her primary attack? Unless I’m reading it wrong.

Her ultimate seems tricky, how exactly would the void work? Would it be something like reyna’s bubble? Insta filling your teammate wouldn’t be too bad since its be on a 60sec cooldown.

Ability 2: what would happen if there is no ally within range to receive said healing?
Would it go to Deena?

Passive: is that a one time attack speed buff or does it stack with multiple skill activations?

The Primary has a decent fire rate, but the orbs move slow.
I assume something like Reyna’s bubble could work, maybe with a smaller range.
Ability 2: I believe that it should go to Deena. This gives me a possible idea for a helix in which all allies in range recieve the healing. Or maybe one where Deena is all healed along with the ally.
Passive: I think it should be stackable.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll clarify it.

1 idea I just had would be something like thorns ult (animation wise) except a purple orb and if it was targeted at ally would heal like u said but if it was enemy, a bubble like Reyna’s would appear and it could teleport Deena inside with the enemy?

Wait a second, how would Deena kill said enemy once she was inside the bubble with enemy? Her other skills? :confused: seems counter intuitive kind of in my opinion

I’m thinking over the way she would kill them, but having trouble. Maybe instead of banishing them both, create the bubble with like Varelsi inside or something? Or something that just constantly leeches enemies in an area. Ideas would be much appreciated.

It could be like the varelsi hunter bubbles (you can’t escape) and do an initial burst damage followed by DoT for x amount of seconds, although with that in mind there’s really no counterplay options too it might be too powerful

Maybe remove the initial burst, and just use the DoT while stuck in the Bubble? And maybe restore 50% of all damage dealt as health to all nearby allies?

Yea that sounds much better actually, just figuring out the damage values would be kind of hard would need some extensive testing. If you caught more then one enemy in the bubble the healing would be greater. Would have to figure out the radius as to how far away the allies could be to receive the healing also

Yeah, It turns out general discussion has the most traffic as everyone comes here autimatically therefore everyone sees it, I hate posting to specific areas, Barely gets attention.

that ult sounds awesome. all I have to say.

  • Ultimate: Abolish: Deena has the choice to use Abolish on an enemy or ally. Used on an ally, it restores their health and shield completely instantaneously. Used on an enemy, and the enemy is shrouded in a bubble that traps them and deals damage over time. 50% of all damage dealt by the bubble is returned to nearby allies as health.

Sound decent?


Yes much better, one thing are you set on Deena as her name? Reminds me of Reyna just a tad bit, could just be me though

That was the name the artist, (MadelinaMocanu) gave the art piece, and I kinda like it. If you want to, you could suggest a name.

Name has officially been changed to “Eve” from Deena.

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Trying to come up with a concept for another Battleborn. Maybe A Hunter/Human Hybrid. or a Geomancer? Or a character that uses Polarity (Magnetism). Or maybe Energy Fields/Repulsion?

Character’s backstory plays well into Reyna’s.

I think Abolish could be tweaked to be used as a Thorn’s Nature’s Fury. Keep the values the same, but split evenly if used on multiple targets. 50% heal and shield repair for each ally if there is two allies affected by it. 25% of all damage dealt for each enemy if two enemies are affected.