Even Better Than The CMT?

For Moze, I think I may have just found a better healing grenade than the CMT!

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I had a Transfusion Maddening Tracker at 53 and 60 that was a stellar performer.

I would like to see the Vampyric grenade compared to a Power Siphon Tran-Fusion

Edit: Any triple roll is hard to beat for the sheer cool factor

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Not bad. Sadly the transfusion effect only works on red health bars, so it’d be situational.

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I ended up giving it to my Fl4k to help his survivability … and boy does it!

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Doesn’t feed shields with a Bloodletter?

It should, but what he means is you only recieve health against flesh targets. Damage vs shield or armor does not life steal.



You are correct. This grenade only has life steal on red health bars only. Not as good as the CMT for that reason and is situational at best.