Even if Moze's Grenade abilities were slightly nerfed, how do you think she should perform, both with and without points in her middle tree?

If they nerfed Moze’s ability to get back as much health, or decreased critical damage with grenades, how do you think Moze would still fair?

Things would be the same…she can still have infinite grenades, so most players would just end up throwing MORE to compensate.

At endgame TVHM/M3, Vampyr is her only way of keeping health/shield up during heavy fights…if they gave her some other kind of survivability, it’d be a start.

Why are we talking about Moze getting nerfed as if it’s a foregone conclusion?
Oh wait! this is Borderlands, of course they’re going to nerf her, she’s too over powered lol

As for how she will perform after the upcoming nerf? players will have to adjust I guess or choose another character.
I’ll continue playing Amara until she will be nerfed, then I think I’ll stick with Borderlands 2…Honestly these nerfs are getting ridiculous now

Some things are broken and this hurts the game’s longevity really.

For example I run this infamous Moze hex spam build and let me tell you - it’s literally godmode with limitless damage, The thing though, after a brief period of time where you have fun with it - it becomes boring fast and the fact that it’s full ■■■■■■ homing damage 1-2 button spam does not help the fun part much.

Problem is that it is so superior to anything else, that it’s pointless even to try and spec out of it and IMO that’s quite an issue there.

Now, some may say “well, durr, buff other builds to match this one!” - the problem is that it effectively means make another bunch effectively invulnerable builds with unlimited damage and brainless mongo gameplay. I don’t think this is what would help the gameplay here.

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Well yes they should lol, stop nerfing sh*t and buff the other builds etc, but I know this just my opinion and I’m truly ok if people don’t see it my way :smiley:

If it’s helping YOU and you’re enjoying the gameplay, then it has already succeeded in helping the gameplay, well that’s how I see it

I perceive Moze as her name suggests…a “gunner” which means blazing away non-stop probably speciallizing into “heavy” weapons. And thats how I play her as well right now. I go for large mag size weapons, often Torgue but take whatever the game provides so have a good deal of elemental weapons in my bag.

I dont think shes OP but does exactly what I expect from her. Her action skill is really disappointing to be honest. Different loadouts dont change the way she plays so its 3x the same action skill for all three trees. Really lazy on Gearboxes part.

I havent abused the grenade mechanic yet and use grenades only occasionally and dont consider them to be all that great (but then I didnt look into a grenade build yet) but ripping away with a Vladof Assault Rifle…wow…just wow.

I would love to see differenjt classes affecting different manufactores in a specific way. I mean the classes already affect and modify specific gun qualities through their builds but stuff like…

Moze is a true “gun expert” so she gets a different “break” ratio from COV guns. Little things like this would add flair to a class.

She definitely needs to be brought into line if Gearbox intends to continue to follow through with balancing(which I’m thankful that it appears they will!)

I think the best approach to balancing the grenade spam build would be to either change Means of Destruction to only allow grenade proc chance on the initial tick of dot style grenades and similarly to change Vampyr to only allow health rege nn the first tick of dot style grenades.

Or, alternatively, to take this line of thinking a step slightly further, it could be changed to where Means of Destruction can only regen grenades on splash damage done by guns(and Iron Bear).

The chance to regen a grenade could potentially be brought down to a lower percentage as well. With so much splash in top of splash to the splish splash, Moze is not lacking for opportunities to proc MoD.

Anyways, this would bring her into line without having to alter any items in the game.

I’m a Moze main myself and love her to death but in the interest of balance and build diversity I actually prefer the second option.

She would still be ridiculously strong but would simply need to proc MoD via her guns(which, c’min isn’t hard) and would prevent the mindless grenade spam without moving or aiming.