Even with the bugs, it's an amazing game. Amazing job Gearbox!

OK, first, everyone on this forum needs to take a nap. Not as a derogatory statement but because it will help you deal with your unconditional anger.

This game is -amazing- on every level. Are there bugs? Of course there are, it’s a video game. Most notable bugs that I have seen that are even -worth mentioning- are

-missing animations from the kushan probe, rotating science station, formations breaking up, if you enter the sensors manager or exit it during a cutscene or the initial briefing, the sensors manager is locked out (easily solved by being patient or saving, and reloading your mission), events being slightly delayed or skipped because I was too quick to wait for them, Junkyard dog is now 100% invincible (seriously screw that little jerk)–

That’s about it. Some things had to be changed. If you stopped at mission 2, it means you never took this seriously. You are worse than game reviewers who spend two hours playing a game then providing a ultra-high or ultra-low score.

Bugs happen. relax. Changes needed to happen, and sound effects should be the -least- of your worries.




I am amazed by some people on DAY 1 of release moaning how the game is “ruined” and they wish they had never bought! This was a huge undertaking, it’s been done with a massive amount of love and care. We will not all like every decision and bugs on release are a sad fact of life. But THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making HW1 playable again, making HW2 even prettier than before and hopefully reinvigorating the mod community :smiley:


Yeah I jumped on last and spent a good few hours playing with no issues at all really…

Game seems to work perfect for me, I dont mind the UI well i mean its been a very long time since i played the Homeworld so its hard to remember exactly what it was like but I have no issues with the new UI.

Also the other changes they have made dont really bother me…

Sure a few bug here and there but thats not the end of the world and will get sorted out.

Anyway thanks Gearbox for bringing this back and updating it :smile: