Event completed but skins not showing up

Am I the only one with this issue ? I completed all hearts but the skin/echo/trinket are not at quick change, I got only the sniper and smg in inventory at least this showed up, but not the skins, whts going on ?

Open your ECHO menu, and check the last tab (next one to the Guardian Rank tab). There will be 2 pictures there, the left one being the description of the event, the right one is where you can unlock the items and check your progress.

??? thats not what I asked, I said I unlocked the sniper its logic all other rewards were unlocked also, I just cant see the skin/weapon trinket and echo skin anywhere on the character I completed the event.

Check the vendor where you can change your appearance the skin will be there once you have redeemed it after completing the tasks

all rewards are redeemed they are not visible on my char, only the weapons I got

Check the vendor where you can change your appearance the skin is called the heartbreaker

@elexetor the skins won’t be in your inventory, it’s added to the Quick Change station automatically when you redeem it.

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its not on quickchange, the trinket its not on trinkets tab, I completed the event with a low lvl char and I unlocked the rewards before accessed sanctuary for first time, maybe that bugged it ?

Try hard resetting your console by holding the power button if on xbox then reboot the game it may just be a delay bug

im on PC, hm il start all over again the char was just lvl 11 anyway not a big lose, il try to redeem the rewards when I get on sanctuary and not before, maybe this time they will appear on quickchange

Hopefully that works man sorry I couldn’t help more if you have anymore issues make a support ticket not sure if it will fix anything

il do a support ticket, first I will redeem the rewards when I get to sanctuary and if they do not appear I will make a support ticket.

Hope you get sorted :ok_hand:

got the skins now, a heads up for new players who participate in this event, if you redeem the skins before getting to sanctuary you will not get them, only the weapons, I redeem my reward after I got to sanctuary and all is fine now.

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Just completed the 5/5 challenges. Said 100% complete. What do I have to do to collect the rewards? Nothing in my inventory & no new skins at the quick change. Checked the mail & nothing there either. :cry:

Open the chest icons by selecting/clicking on them. Should have your rewards then.

Chest icon? Hmmm. Can’t seem to find one. Apologies for my ignorance :grimacing: Where should I be looking for that? Thanks for the reply too. Appreciated.

Found it. Not super intuitive on a PS4. Thank you & happy hunting.

Where you are seeing the 100%. There are 5 icons(I think they are chests)along the progression bar. They are clickable.

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Thank you. Got it.