Event drop rate

Hello vault hunters!

Can any one confirms that the drop rate is active? 50 runs of Nate and no cutsman drop. 80-90% don’t drop any legendary. Only one from dedicated list.

However he is there every single run! Am I missing something?

3 runs in the raid and no dedicated drop. But I got shrinking devil in first run. Nothing in the next 5 though. Not anointed , although I thing I ce see now s bit more anointed. Personally I would remove anointments from white, green and blue and increase the chance permanently to epic and legendary

PS4, M4, perfect loaded dice. (I tried w/o too w/o change)


I think it affects different items differently. Farmed Killavolt today, he dropped a ton of Transformers but his other stuff seemed to drop just as much as before

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I donno but I start to loose my interest. I need cutsman and not even one in 50 runs…, I got one with a stupid anointment from the cupboard before the fabricator! And from the one that supposed to have it do not drop?? Is just stupid.with all RNG and all. Besides, 6 legendary in total in 50 runs… come one!

No shotgun from general Traunt in 10 runs. Even though are too little runs to get a conclusion. I got no dedicated in the raid in 3 runs. I lie, I got a shield not anointed.

I will try kilovolt too. A couple of more shield will be good. I’ll let you know how is after I do a few runs. I farmed it the other day too for about 30 times so I have a good idea what drops normally.

Same happening to me. Farming Wick and Warty for the Phebert. After 2 hours not a single one dropped. Only the other gear in their lootpool (AAA, Black Hole and Quasar)


Is definitely something wrong! Some items fave a fair chance like pestilence or the shield but the Amara’s mid not once in 12 runs of sylesto . I got 2 pestilence one anointed and one shield. Most of the time there are no legendary.

Dear GB, getting the mod (and gear in general) it had to have a better chance to drop. There are still 2 RNG in place for roll and for anointment. I said in z as Previous that more than two RNG active means bad planning . And this was proven over and over again in May looter shooters.

EDIT: I just killed them on my way to kilovolt and I got the Phebert, redundant and anointed. Strange…, I bet I’ll not see any transformers today…,

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Been focusing on Judge Hightower for a new carrier, but have bounced around a bit. Drop rates definitely feel increased, but not a great deal

Having the same problem trying to get a hive from the Princess. Appears every time but never drops…
I’m wondering if only world drop rates were increased and dedicated drops were ignored.


I’ve been working on the flying skagg for Skeksils… he has only dropped one, but he seems to drop a Barrage almost every time. Doesn’t seem like it’s working right.


I think there are different weights, but could just be RNG. For example, I have gotten about 10 conference calls, all anointed except for one, but only 3 carriers (none anointed) from judge hightower today.

The power trooper runs have dropped everything they carry, almost one per trooper each run, like clockwork it seems

I wonder if they have boosted these guys’ “world drops” (the world drop that drops more frequently from them) and not their unique dedicated drops (the ones everybody wants and always complain about the low rates)?

10 runs kilovolt. No pistol, smg or transformer yet! A bunch of artifacts, a mod and a fire cutsman anointed not too bad. A cutsman that I did not get with 50 runs of Nates…,

Indeed the drop rate is marginally better than before. If you ask me, not enough to call it an event. Not enough even for a permanent fix!

I try… I really try to understand as I do want this game to turn around for the better. But all these do not work at all in favor…

From judge I got nothing. Not even one legendary drop. But I farmed it just a few times.


Drop rates are still piss poor. All the class sub forums echo the same.

The annointment changes are tight but this isn’t enough to get player count back up.

Le sighs…


Boreman and Killavolt are alway horrible. I remember the first buff event in which supposedly Killavolt dropped the brainstormer 100 kills or so to get one. On the other hand I tried Billy today and he was super generous in 3 runs raging bear class mod annointed weapons for Moze… But as usual this may be dumb luck

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It might be just me, but running loaded dice seems to diminish your luck.

My friend and I ran a few bosses tonight. He was running a luck charm (cant remember which one), I had the most legendary/annointed drops and I wasnt running anything.

My GR luck is 12% but thats all the luck buff I have.

Had two cutsman drop tonight, one annointed operative - reload on digi clone swap

Yeah, I’m still getting the Barrage every single run, but almost nothing on Skeksils. So, it seems like this event may be just shaving a couple hours off the 6-8 hours people are spending farming these items.

I wish someone from GBX would chime in and say this is, in fact, what they had in mind… if it is, I don’t think it’s worth the time to pursue the dedicated drops, even with the event on.


I’m done… 20 runs and still not even one transformer.

I have no idea what drop rate they increase and how. Or even if they tested before… 6h and 30 min continuous farm and not even one of the items I was looking for. Two week will not be enough to have a real chance to get all the gear I want to farm with the right roll.

Is NOT worth it. Plus 5 runs of Takedown and not even 1 specific loot which is worst than before.

Is not wining! I like farming yo certain amount! But more than 6h to get the same shi—y and undesirable by anyone loot as before only more often and anointed, really does not help.

I donno how is for Xbox and PC players, but for PS4 is this bad… for me at least…

Plus, they maintain their strike not to have any hotfix deployed without activating new bugs…

Sad and disappointed once again…,


I logged in to the event with my expectations minimal, and it’s still disappointing.

Did the raid twice solo TVMH M4, and once with a full group.

Zero raid legendaries, more anointments but all on garbage, woodblockers and rippers galore, and not worth the time or effort.

At this point I can only assume Gearbox simply thinks this is what players want, and they’re never going to fix their dedicated or boss drops. It’s really sad.


Maybe the world drop rates still clutter the loot pool so even tho dedicated drops got buffed you still more likely to get the 1000 world drops out of the 100 dedicated drops?

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I tested the loaded dice negative impact in getting the dedicated loot. No change.

When you have during increase drop rate event 5 consecutive runs without any legendary, its more than a problem.

Even though, this weekend is the decisive one. I have all trophies, I’ve done all content and I can do M4 with all 4 characters. 500+ guardian proves it too. This event for me is to fine tune each character with the missing pieces. I have now 8h of farming and only 1 legendary that I need BUT not as boss drop. From a chest and… with the worst anointed the game can offer. So… yeh…,


That’s not how dedicated drops work in this game.

There are two separate loot pools for enemies with dedicated drops.

The Dedicated Drop pool is calculated first, before anything else. Dedicated loot is calculated even before things like your Mayhem levels are taken in to account. Going to a higher Mayhem setting does NOT improve your chances of getting a dedicated drop, nor based on my testing, does it have any measurable effect on your odds of that dedicated drop being anointed.

In short, Mayhem 1 and Mayhem 4 have the exact same odds of getting a dedicated drop, and for that dedicated drop to be anointed. As far as I can tell (Having done thousands of farming runs in this game) Luck modifiers (Artifacts, Guardian Rank) make no difference to Dedicated Drop items either.

Then, after the Dedicated Drop calculations are done, it moves on to the World Drop Pool.

World Drop items aren’t pure RNG. That’s obvious. Everyone here has probably received hundreds if not thousands of Woodblockers, ASDMs, Malek’s Bane, and The Lob while finding it much more difficult to get a Cutsman in comparison. But it’s world drop items where Luck modifiers, Mayhem levels, and all of that factors in to loot.

Now, as for this event, it only effects Dedicated Drop items as far as I know, and the notes don’t say anything about changing drop rates of major bosses, only rare spawns and Trial bosses, as well as the Maliwan Takedown. So I wouldn’t expect to see any difference at all unless you are farming one of those sources for a dedicated drop.

And if you’re doing that then you may as well farm at Mayhem 1 and make more runs faster than setting up a higher Mayhem level. With the exception of the Maliwan Mayhem 4 only drops, farming at M4 is just making it harder to farm with no benefit.