Event Drop Rates

Farm the power rangers for a few hours, one class mod. Farm Gravewarden for 15 min, 5 class mods. This event is killer bros.


Yeah I’m getting lackluster results so far. I have been trying to farm Demoskaggon for a shield and the mob has been there every time so that is good and I got a shield on 2 of the first 3 kills so that is good but then ever since then…no shield and no other legendary world drops, either. Drop rate doesn’t seem as high as I was hoping it would be. Oh well.

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yeah same here drop rates not worth it in my opinion. I’m hoping tho that the upcoming patch has some loot balancing to it… that is good “haven’t seen a loot tink since they were nerfed” if anything that is what i’m waiting for to see if the event has some saving grace to it.


Do you have to be in TVHM to get access to these events? When I was farming the first boss it spawned 100% of the time (Demoskaggon) even if the legendary drop rate wasn’t great (this was on TVHM in M2). I just tried numerous times to get Force Troopers and they haven’t spawned once (on Normal mode M3). Seems odd.

all i can say is 94% sham. lol


I got a Quasar from Red Jabber today.

Wasn’t farming, was just in the area on the way to heading to main quest objective.

My compulsive need to loot everything finally pays off…

Sooooo…I’m having better luck with legendary drops looting random cash registers on the way to a rare spawn location than I am getting rare spawns to spawn or drop anything during rare spawn event. Seems logical.


Haha yeah same I’ve got more legendarys on the way then the farming target.


Am I doing something wrong? I can’t get these Force Troopers to spawn. It’s always the placeholders…the yellow, pink and black troopers or whatever. Is anyone else able to spawn these? Do they only spawn on TVHM or something?

Those are the force troopers. They are a reference to power rangers.

The videos I saw show mobs with the word “Force” in the name. As in Sapphire Force Trooper and Citrine Force Trooper. That’s not what I’m getting. All I see is Pink Power Trooper or Black Power Trooper. Are you saying these are all the same?

They are exactly the same. They are called the “Force Troopers” as a collective title. I have seen videos with them having both names. I have killed them in the mission version of the event spawn with them having both names, as well.

I farmed the event for several hours and I have come to the conclusion that the drop rates weren’t upped, just the spawn rates.

I got more legendary loot from things around the spawns than the rare spawns themselves. I am hoping this is just a massive bug and that this isn’t what they intended for the event. Only the rest of this week will tell. I spent 12 hours farming today and I honestly got more loot before the event started than during it. I will personally just be going back to farming Grave. That last sentence might just be me triggered though for going 30+ runs of LootDino and not getting a single customization (some ■■■■■■ rng right there) along with several hundreds of runs of some of the other rare spawns ( I am thankful everyday for my fast loading pc).

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What or who is LootDino?

The ammount of issues we have, some players have even more is just sad.
The game is in beta state, i really hope it gets better soon. Good thing i enjoy game a lot, if i had
any more problems i would request refund a long time ago.

Funny how the average forum poster complained about “bad drop rates” post hotfix and the offline/online farming. Yet when Gearbox gives you a farmable option everyone collectively loses their ■■■■.

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Honestly i find this whole event pretty uninteresting.
I farmed for a few hours (last week aswell) and noticed no difference in drops.
The only cool thing is that i can now check out all of the rare spawns, how they look like etc


No Class Mods have dropped for me so far. I’ll keep at it.

I’ve been “farming” Queen Syrenead Quietsleep of the Apartment Yengartar (room 31), Second of her Name, The uncorroded, Queen of the Sewer Kingdom… blablabla…Mother of Grogans…blabla (insert awkward laugh track for dead memes HERE) and literally 80ish% of the legendary drops I’ve had spawn since this morning have been Slide or Slam class mods that have never helped anyone and should be ashamed that they presented themselves to me as though they were a gift from the Queen of the Six Galaxies, the Lady unscorched herself.

…it’s either terrible luck, bad design, or a super annoying joke on the part of the game devs.

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