Events are a curse on this game

These “free events” are a plague on this game.
They bring in:

  1. Limited time OP loot
  2. Limited time annoints (Terror, while action skill active etc)
  3. Further stability issues
  4. Annoying mechanics that polute the screen even more
  5. Loot drop issues (drop rates, pollute loot pool, mess up dlc farming)
  6. Boring farming (do this event 8000 times)

@Gbx just stick to balance updates, stability updates, Takedowns and DLC content. All of those go very well and improve the game. Think how much better they could be if you took all your talent off the free event ■■■■■■■■ and had them help would the better content and improving the game.


atleast its better than Halloween, challenge doesn’t take as long as it for its limited time . also better reward

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Strongly disagree. Events let developers cater to different kinds of playstyles and different players, and the ones Gearbox runs are long enough so that everybody at least gets some benefit (or just turns them off entirely).

The stability issues aren’t great (I still can’t play on my main characters because of it, nor can I actually run the Villa at L57), but they’re separate of the design and flow of the content itself. Gearbox needs to be able to address the performance so that these kinds of events can work without disrupting the user experience.


My main issue with them since we were given the ability to shut them off, is the fact that they’re only available for a limited time.

Aside from that, I kinda wish the event progress was account wide.

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Then they release a levelcap increase and it all becomes worthless WOW SUPER GOOD GREAT JOB -_-

On the whole, I like them, but they do come costs, you’re right. Many of the things the community is raging about at the moment come at least as an indirect consequence of some of these free events.

Loot scaling is a separate problem, in my opinion. I’m not arguing it isn’t a problem, but I also think people need to understand that you don’t need a perfect on-level weapon to compete at the endgame in BL3.

BL2 was all about the perfect rolls. BL3’s design direction, in my opinion, is a bit different. If you want the perfect rolls, I get that. But you also have to realise that that’s something you want, personally.

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I unlocked the heads and skins for all characters by doing all the challenges only on my main zane.

Im starting to see a trend GBX is doing with these events and is making me realize they are a WASTE of time. With the halloween event and terror anoints becoming obsolete along with the cartel anoints whats the point!? Never crossed my mind they were limited so thats on me but never again. Wont waste anymore time on these events!

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The unlocks may be account wide, but the progress is not. I want to, say, run through the event once with each of my nine characters and have it count as 9/10 of the requisite times. Rather than being forced to grind it all out on one character.

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They almost feel like the equivalent of a POE League. They introduce cool new mechanics (at least the ones like Halloween and Cartel with new anoints) for a few weeks, so how the playerbase reacts, then takes them away. Only difference is that these mechanics are in no way integrated into the base game. They’re just left in the void until the event returns next year.

Just thinking out loud here, but I’m concerned as to what will happen with these events a few years from now. Sure, GB says they want to support the game. But will they still be running these events 3 or 4 years from now? You could honestly just replace some of the Mayhem modifiers with the terror skulls or Cartel spawns so that we at least have some way of farming event specific anoints without the event active.

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I like the idea of events, and ive enjoyed all of them so far but i really want to see them added permanently to the game at some point. i prefer going at content at your own pace rather than sticking to a schedule.

And like, the files are still there! Just keep em in


I don’t mind them too much but some feel like a bandaid to issues that should actually be solved for good. Like Takedown Shakedown and guaranteed trial class mod drops as an example shouldn’t be temporary, they feel like what SHOULD be the default to incentivize running the content.

I probably should clarify what I meant by events

Loot events I’m fine with (planetary, takedown shakedown etc). It’s these two month long add visual pollution and temporary op gear BS events I hate. Halloween, hearts one at Valentine’s and the cartel events. They all bring limited time ■■■■■■■■ and community stress! Breaks the game for a couple months and then they bring out the dlc to raise level cap and give us actual content.

Bl2 these events were headhunter packs and gave you a new farm with a new boss areA. They were also permanent! You could go back and do them whenever… not when GBx allows you to.

I’d love to see all these limited time events released permanently. Even if it had a price as a headhunter packs or something.
Would love to have a go at some of the earlier events at some point. Playing the cartel event again at some point after June 4 would be cool too.

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Enjoy new content. Any and all of it. If the drops are useful items that last a while, great. But it doesn’t matter, even if it’s top tier, still not going to restart the game just to farm pixels.
Edit to add- the cartel spawns jumping into the fight are a lot better challenge than some hokey modifier.


I feel the events are fine, even if a limited time.
They have gotten better each iteration.
And they are completely optional now. Don’t like them? Turn them off.
GBX even went so far as to make the new anointments permanent since they were so popular.
Yes, we know a level cap increase is coming. Probably a couple more further down the road.
The Cartel Event on it’s own did not bring any unusual or gamebreaking visual clutter. Many of the new MH 2.0 modifiers did that.

I agree there are alot of issues. But the events in and of themselves are not the cause.

The best part of the events? They are absolutely free content open to everybody, whether they ever spend another dime on the game or not.


My guess is that they want to improve the events until they’re headhunter pack worthy. If the Halloween event was $5, and then the Cartel event was also $5, a lot of people would be pissed because the Villa offers a lot more content in comparison to the Heck Hole, by far (6 mini bosses, a lot of new gear, big map, 3 different mobs in the map, etc).

So they’re going to improve the Halloween event to Cartel standards and also the Valentine’s one too, and then sell them, I guess.


I enjoy the events. If you don’t like them, you can always turn them off.

I feel like the “annoying mechanics” you’re complaining about are related to Mayhem 2.0 modifiers, not the events. Unless you’re talking about the Terror effect; in that case, fair enough, but I don’t recall them introducing new effects in the Cartel event.

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I strongly agree that based on the fact that this data is already on it, they should make things like the cartels map available tho i wanna see a new boss there I mean Mister Ultraviolet is a great addition but I could imagine a secret boss appearing in this area later on!

Tho seasonal events like the last one with heck or Valentine’s Day should be seasonal of course.

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