Events you’d like to see in 2021?

We’ve had the Bloody Harvest event run 2 years in a row now. Presumably we’ll get the Broken Hearts event early next year and then the fan favourite Cartels event after that. Personally I’d like some fresh new content after the fact instead of repeating the same three events over and over. Is there anything in-particular you’d like to see in 2021? Id love to get a Mercenary Day event in the winter or even a beach themed event in the summer with a setting similar to the son of cramerax headhunter in BL2.


Bonus Boss Loot for the entire year ! ! !

For real tho some new Takedowns or HH packs would be sweet.


Boss farm.

All year.

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All three of these would be perfect especially making the boss loot event permanent. If they could find a way to add pearlescent gear back into the game as well that would just be another huge bonus.

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Matchmaking enabled Outrunner or Truck racing, with “friendly” fire allowed. First one to the finish line or last one standing wins.

I’d like to see limited time events die screaming and only have permanently accessible content moving forward.


A Loot Hunt like the 2003 event. That was far and away some of the most fun I’ve had in a video game online. I don’t care about the prizes so much (though I imagine that had something to do with the turnout). It was the world-wide, synchronized hits that I loved.

There were basically bounties we had to get over the course of a day, like kill 50,000 Ultimate Badass Marauders, 75,000 Wormhole Threshers, and two million Loaders, for example (it was a five-week promotion, so there were 35 of these). As the day started in New Zealand and progressed west, various parts of the world during “normal” game time would be on the case, racking up kills towards this grand total. We’d be chatting on the forums here reviewing progress.

Here in California and out into the Pacific regions, we had the “last shift”; if any progress wasn’t done by the time I got home in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time, we had to make it up that deficit, or the day would end without having reached the goal.

Once I legit left work early when I saw reports on the forum that one of the bounties was hard AF, and it really looked like we wouldn’t make it. I went home and grinded that out hard. I think it was the two million Loader bounty? I ran to the Hyperion Slaughter, and hammered through wave 5 until the last enemy was standing, then I’d suicide so I could immediately replay it… did this for maybe twelve hours? Good times.


So far all the events have been really good. Bloody Harvest rocks and the Cartel event was RAD.

I would like to see all holiday events they always seem like something special to look forward to.
A Christmas/Mercinary day event would be very cool.


So true.

  • a boss/mini-boss hunt event,
  • a “saurian invasion” event, saurians from a parallel universe have placed machines to pump out eneregy from different planets that you have to destroy, and then you hop into their mothership to kill their general (or something like that),
  • a mayhem event linking modifiers to predefined anointments, for 2 weeks, if you play with “enemies are immune to X”, “X” anointed will 100% drop on loot,
  • a car racing event, making you run through those vehicules-dedicated maps on limited timer, to get exclusive rewards if you reach arrival on time,
  • a “claptrap invasion” event, whatever that could mean,
  • a sliding spree event, where your slide move becomes super-strong and can be toggled anytime instead of “crouch” move.
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An event that doesn’t screw up some mechanic in the game or pollute our screens/loot pools with garbage…


Almost everyone has been saying this since launch and I couldn’t agree more


Well, they had two events in mind for the Pre-Sequel which were never realized, and I think they could be resurrected for this game:

  • “the Pandoracorn Festival”: I don’t know what this could have involved, but in Borderlands 3 it may be a chance to check on Buttstallion again and discover what she’s got up to since Tiny Tina adopted her.

  • “Manufacturer Day”: the commemoration of the ending of the Last Corporate War and the fall of the Central Government. This could have some really cool potential for manufacturer-driven activities/gimmicks and lore.

As for other more or less festivity related suggestions:

  • Timothy mentioned how on certain planets there are Handsome Jack-themed holidays (Jackoween, Saint Jackentine and another one I don’t remember), so crashing one of those might be fun, if they feel like milking Jack a little more.

  • Since you are intended to play the events multiple times for challenges, it would be cool if they had a sense of progression through narration/new mechanics in later attempts, basically like Battleborn Story Operations.

  • Also, since you mentioned Son of Crawmerax, that was actually set during a holiday, the Fertility Festival. I wonder if they’ll elaborate on it a bit.

  • What about cross-promotions with other Gearbox developed/published titles? Kinda like what they did with Fortnite, but with both games getting new stuff, similar to what happened with Monster Hunter World and The Witcher/Final Fantasy XV, or with Final Fantasy XV and Assassin’s Creed. For example, they could’ve done something Godfall-themed in November.

  • A lot of people seem to want more Bunkers and Badasses. If it’s going to happen, I’d rather see it as an event than as a full-fledged DLC.


Less jumping and charging. More shooting and looting instead.

Make Proving Grounds great again. Make player prove their skill/builds. Make sure the rewards are great.

I would rather see Headhunter Packs brought back, but with two more missions added to each that were repeatable (or actually have all of them repeatable once you beat the first boss). That way, we could play them at our leisure whenever we wanted for as long as we wanted for fun, farming or whatever. And maybe a few more hidden “secrets” (bosses, Easter eggs, things to do, etc. Hell, give us a Grinder in one of them). It is all about having things to do that are fun and repeatable that you can’t get on any other maps.

As for “events”, they could be sub-sets of each HH Pack that only come about during the seasonal time that the pack represents. That way there is some continuity and some sense attached to them (and could provide way more opportunity for event based drops or bonuses or whatever). Event prep (gathering keys, killing ghosts for ectoplasm, whatever) could then be self-contained in the map(s) of the corresponding HH Pack instead of spread out all over all the planets (or maybe have an option to turn off the rest of the planets but leave the corresponding HH map(s) active for the event, thus keeping with the theme and giving people a reason to play on the HH maps again - reusability!).

And for the love of g-d, please get rid of Maurice. He adds nothing to the narrative, his presence with the Crimson Raiders makes no sense and there is no reason for the VH to care about his stupid problems of his own making. If GB feels compelled to provide an inane reason to participate in the event, then at least have it propagated by an existing NPC character that players are familiar with and thus maybe even give a damn about. There is also no reason to start these things on Sanctuary III (especially if you place the quest giver within a HH map) and once you remove that criteria, there is even less of a reason for there to be a new quest giver like a talking dinosaur. Give us Torgue! Give us TK Baha! Give us Marcus!

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Just need at least 2/3 more takedowns to run, give us some challenging end game content that’s fun to run through, all the other maps are boring because of their ease to beat besides the maliwan takedown which is just the right balance, unlike the GTD

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That Torgue Takedown idea still lingers in mah brain.

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Who’s flagging everything lmao

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The event I am most looking forward to are Gearbox being hauled into court for committing fraud against me and the many thousands other players.


It worked at launch, and you fraudulently removed it, returned it, but left it non-functional.

FIX THE COUCH CO-OP… I personally don’t use it, but it was a main ‘selling point’ to this ‘game’.

Bait and Switch, Scam Artists.