Ever ditched a character?

Simple question here, probably all of us have played each character at least once. However some might have not, that’s what this question is for.

Have you ever ditched a class that your currently playing? let’s just say your mind started to wonder and you start feeling the need to play this class other then the one your one.

But your so far into the game you couldn’t possibly give up this playthrough, as you try to play the thought begins to take over your mind…suddenly this class that your playing isn’t becoming so much fun, it’s actually getting kinda boring. :stuck_out_tongue: Then you finally say “screw it!” and try out another class…the one that’s been stuck in your head and–OMG this is so much fun! You begin having alot of fun with this new class and completely forgetting your old one.

I played Sal and Axton just long enough to get their achievements.

I ditched Gaige… I got bored of her.

Yeah, same here. She just isn’t for me. I’ve also rage-dumped Krieg a couple of times, simply because he’s managed to get stuck in some ridiculous place when you’re almost at the end of a mission. When I’ve kicked and screamed for a while, I start him over. You just can’t stay away from Krieg! :heart_eyes:

Oh yeah.

Ditched my first character, Zero at level 54 to play Gaige.
Ditched Gaige at level around level 65 to play…anyone but Gaige.

Pretty much stuck with Mayas, Sals and Axtons ever since.

My first attempt at Zer0 lasted up to (trying to) entering the Highlands Outwash after Sanctuary is airborne in TVHM; the game put a pair of rabid stalkers right there by the fast travel and nothing I did could get rid of those two…I mean I completely drained his bank account in respawn fees, as well as running out of ammo completely. I tried lvl’ing him up some (yeah, right), I tried Decepti0n and sprinting past them (they ran him down), I tried homing and/or singularity grenades from the roof over the vending machines (they pointed and laughed), I tried A I tried B I tried C…in the end I wrote it off to a bad-luck RNG placement with those two, stripped him of his good gear and bailed on him.

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Gaige. So boring. Anarchy and call robot and shoot in the general area. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Zero, found the things he says too annoying to put up with. I haven’t used him since I first started playing and I haven’t looked back.

Ditched Maya for Gagie. Gagie is so awesome and Deathtrap is fun to use she is especially fun when you have Little Eve and Storm with her cause electric burn makes it OP and It was so fun! Ashamed UVHM wasn’t my cup of tea. Would’ve kept playing BL2 if it wasn’t for that in my opinion

Every character is like that. Axton, throw turrent, shoot, repeat.
Zero, Use action skill, get far away to use sniper rifle, repeat.
Maya, use Phaselock Not even useful in my opinion shoot the enemy, and repeat.
And etc and etc.

Sal. SOOOOO lame, i regret the day i started leveling him. Now i stick with my Krieg a real interesting and funny character to play as. He has his ups and downs but no-one is as terrible as Salvador.

Maya (but gave her a second chance that payed off), Sal twice, Zer0 and Axton.

I wouldn’t say I “ditched” Salvador… I did grind that dude to OP8, but I still haven’t really found an entertaining way to play him consistently. If Krieg wasn’t a DLC character, I would have ditched him (I don’t have an issue with him other than he doesn’t fit my play style at all).

I never completely “ditched” a character, but I started a Zer0 and then came back to my commando before even completing normal mode. I will definitely return to him after I’m finished with Axton, though. I really wanna take Zer0 to 72. I thought about starting a playthrough as Krieg, and I almost did, but I have a feeling I’d hate the playstyle and the skills. I love him as a character, but I feel the playstyle is just too chaotic for me. I’m more into precision, keeping my distance and planning ahead when it comes to playstyle. Salvador, Gaige and Maya just don’t interest me at all. I might play them for a little bit in the future, even if only to get Salvador’s and Maya’s achievements and to say I’ve played them all, but when all is said and done, I think I’m gonna stick to just Axton and Zer0.

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All of them and none of them. Started with Axton but got bored. Tried Sal and enjoyed the OPness but he gets boring too. Maya took about four tries to get to like. Gaige was weak for me until I learned about the awesomeness of anarchy and I had trouble keeping Krieg alive before I learned how to play him. Zero I didn’t even try until after about a year or so!

Now, though, I like them all for different reasons and for different tasks, and Zero is probably my favourite, if I have one. My playtime is about even on all my characters, so that says it all really.

Gaige; Anarchy is cool and all but it isn’t for me. I should like her more because I like single-element trees but I just don’t. She’s still my second favorite character-wise after Sal though.

When all the BL2 characters were being revealed back in 2012, Zero was the one I was most looking forward to. I was hoping he’d play like a melee-oriented Lilith, which I loved. I knew I’d play all the characters through the game, so I left him 'til last as a treat. Sadly, I could never get him to work for my playstyle. I have all the characters at L72 or better except Zero. I gave up in the mid-L50s during UVHM :frowning:

But then the Krieg DLC came along and all my melee needs were fulfilled gloriously :smile:

Now when I’ve reached lvl61 with my zer0, I might start a new character before getting DP pack. But whoever I’d choose… can it b0re? Nop.

Zer0 is the one I wanted to play as, others don’t attract me nearly as much. That’s one of main reasons I’m still abstaining starting a new character right away. I think if I do start a new playthrough then I’ll probably ditch that new character sooner or later anyway. I just don’t see how anything could offer more potential for fun and power than Zer0’s skills. Damage potential with snipers and shotguns with him is just insane imo and deception is very fun to use.

My first character in BL2 was Gaige. Loved her, got like 10 days worth of gameplay out of her in just two months. Tried every playstyle with her, every piece of gear, I did pretty much everything with Gaige. But now I’m completely burnt out. I can’t imagine playing with her again for the next few months or so. Nothing about her playstyle appeals to me anymore. I had tremendous fun with her but playing as Gaige again feels like a chore now.