Ever ditched a character?

Thought I would add to this :smile:

For Pre-Sequel it would have to be Wilhelm, I got him all the way near the end of the game. Then something happened…I just wasn’t having fun with him anymore. I throw Wolf out, I do some support to keep Wolf alive. He kills everything and I—I can say I helped ^-^"

It was just always the samething over and over again, I couldn’t even try out different trees cause then I’ll be losing out on Wolf’s power. The middle tree does give me a boost but it didn’t feel like it…the right tree was nice to keep me alive but again it didn’t do much.

BL2: Started with Gaige, still playing with her at level 60-something. I rolled a Maya, but didn’t care for her play style. Plus, I was spoiled by all the chatter Gaige does and felt annoyed Maya didn’t talk as much. (I do a lot of solo play, so it gets lonely.

BL1: Didn’t play this until after BL1. I started with Lilith, but it’s a really lonely game. I liked her, but couldn’t get into the game enough to see her/it through.

BL: PS: Started with Athena, did pretty well with her, even finished the game, but was never as smitten with her as I was with Gaige. I then rolled a Baroness and LOVED her so much. So now I’m working on finishing the game with her as well. (Just wished I’d done the first playthrough with her.)

Funny enough, I’ve never played a guy in BL. I also tend to veer towards OP characters. I’m kind of lazy like that. :smiley:

You never played Sal, so you’re not really that lazy.

or krieg. both of whom take a while to get up to strength.

I know. It was just a joke related to the general assumption of Salvador being a “lazy” class. I don’t really think there’s such a thing as a “lazy” class, but if there’s one character that’s generally considered as being too OP and lacking in finesse, it’s him.