Ever feel like Borderlands is trolling you?

I just notice things every now and I think the game is pulling my chain.

For example:

I’m sure most of us remember Doc Mercys broken loot pool where he wouldn’t drop the infinity in tvhm or uvhm, we all wanted infinities then as soon as his drops got fixed we realised that they suck. Well on my journey from 72 to OP8 I got a sickening amount of infinities from mercy.

Another is that I’ve just spent a week and a half farming tubbies for a legendary gunzerker mod, after getting just about every other legendary mod including the hoarder and titan up the legendary gunzerker finally dropped, just like it has from 4 of the 5 tubbies I’ve killed since.

I’m sure I could come up with more, I love this game and find it equally amusing as frustrating.

Anyone else have anything similar?

Like in BL1 when I traded for a perfect Mercenary com with the ammo regen 5th line, then the next vendor I looked in after the trade had… Yep, a perfect Mercenary com with ammo regen.


Farming tubbies for an OP8 Legendary Cat at the moment and Siren class mods are the only ones I’m not getting. Plenty of Gunzerker and Psycho mods though. Does my balls in. Probably makes it more frustrating that I’ve decided the Leg Cat will perfect my Siren and I can retire her after running through the story again.

I got a legendary Cat and an unforgiven drop from the same tubby spiderant and when I went to the bank to transfer the cat mod to my siren it was gone, I must’ve forgot to pick it up when I was having some rest shots of the unforgiven

I’ve once killed Knuckledragger over 200 times to drop a single hornet w/ all the wrong parts. I think I spent over 4 hours. I’ve also spent days farming bunker only to get a skullmasher.

Dayum. I would probably cry.

finds the first loot chest in about an hour…

…nothing but pistols.

i hate pistols.

RNGuesus rocks on this game . Just sucks there not enough stuff to make it feel special , when you can get dupes all night and day long ., and there should be a token system for long farms. but wait then we will see account sellers or real money sellers in the game(RMT). That million times worst then a farming all night long till you get your weapon or gear.

It does feel like there trolling, but it could be worst and have millions selling junk for real money all day and night long on ebay or the other sites.

For a game that not having server side saves , It works it just sucks,. when your roll never happens. But better then having people bot on the mob for days or weeks to get the weapon or gear .

are you playing as a siren…and are you solo or in a group…because that will make a difference

if your group has all diff characters…its just random which one drops…that being said you can still get them while using any character …its just the probability is lower

Siren solo.

Heh. Tubbies love to give me Legendary Binders. Binders as far as you can see. They’re my class mod bane…

Back when you could still farm Terra easily with 2 Hyperion Shotties + The Bee, I must’ve killed him 500 times at least. What do I have to show for this? 1 Breath of Terramorphous grenade mod and a dozen or so Pitchforks. I still use the Breath to farm tokens in the Bar Room though, so it was still a good drop!

In BL1 I never found a good Hellfire. Apparantly it’s not too hard to get a decent one, but I only ever found really slow firing versions. I also never found an Ogre.

TPS’ best troll was when the first Thingy that dropped for me went through the rocks right before my eyes. “There it is! Oh wait, WHAT?”.

Haha loot that drops off the map is a pain. I opened a chest just before the bunker and I got a loot midget loader, I killed it and watched a thunderball fists hit the ground and slide right off the map.

Also back before the warriors body dissolved after it died and you could see the conference call that you really wanted but it was completely unattainable.

Farmed a chest for 2 hours for a CEM mod before I went to work and got nothing. Just got it on my first attempt since I’ve been home.