Ever going on sale?

Is Homeworld Remastered ever going to go on sale? Is it ever going to be available from more than Steam and Humble Store?

It was on sale before release. I guess you just missed it.


Wait for the next Steamsale, I think chances are good that you can buy it on sale then :slight_smile:

Not sure who controls when things go on sale but I’d keep an eye on maybe the summer sale? Is there a spring sale?

Also yes, HW:R is only available from steam and humble bundle(that gives you a steam key).

If I remember correctly, there are 4 big Steam sales each year and two of them in the early summer and the other two close to christmas (don’t know why not one sale each quarter year, but thats how it currently is ^^).

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There’s the summer sale, Christmas sale and I believe Explorer week or something like that

And springsale and autumn sale :slight_smile: Explorer sale was actually for the first time this year (or was it still end of last year ? I tend to forget ^^).

Haven’t seen the other sales, though to be honest I only really pay attention to the two I mentioned

They usually come a month before the other two sales which is kinda weird I guess but it seems to work or otherwise they would have changed it already :smiley: