Ever see a clone with a seizure warning like this

I have quite a few favorite characters in Battleborn and one of those is Whiskey Foxtrot. I have read the many complaints that he needs a buff and I can kind of agree to that, however one of the things I think needs to be changed about him is his muzzle flash. I never noticed this until a friend of mine brought it up and now every time I play Whiskey Foxtrot it just hurts my eyes, not sure if there is a way to change this manually but I kind of wish there was cause I quite enjoy playing the failed clone and it’s so much harder now that I’m being blinded by his own gun and not that glorious ass of his.

Also, as a frequent Oscar Mike user, and therefore frequent target of Whiskey Foxtrot, I appreciate the tactical flashlight showing me exactly where his head is at all times through the particle effect storm so I can land those crits easier.