Ever since i came back........... (help with leveling)

Ive played 10+ games and I have never hit level 10 in any of those games.

Did they nerf XP gain or something?

I remember in 2016 i would pretty much always get to level 10 in incursion or metldown.

Nowadays i think the highest lvl i have got during a game is level 7.

Am i doing something wrong? I had lots of kills, no deaths, built 18 buildables and still ■■■■■■■ get to 10.

Please help.

Who are you playing?

mostly rath and oscar mike.

Focusing heavily on killing minions first, keeping buildables up second, and ganking unsuspecting players third.

Not sure what else i could do for more XP per game.

I notice its not just me. I havent seen a single level 10 player either.

Makes the game feel a wee bit watered down and less fun if i must be honest.

How long are the matches lasting? It’s rare for a team to hit 10 nowadays, unless the match is hard-fought. For myself, i rarely see lvl. 10 unless a match has lasted at least 20 min (or i’m playing leapfrog in a Capture match where it’s 90% about re-capturing points).

not very long TBH most games are extremely one sided.

I had one rather close incursion game yesterday that was around 22 minutes long i believe. Still didnt hit level 10. =(


Experience from buildables was nerfed a while back.
In order to level up quickly you have to build a bunch, and kill a bunch of minions and stuff.

It’s 10x easier to reach 10 in Meltdown since they did buff the amount of XP from killing minions in the Winter Update.

Incursion is really difficult unless the game is 20+ minutes and you’re actually clearing wave/capturing thrall/building buildables and/or killing/assisting with player kills.

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This^ is why, sadly.

I believe it was with the Winter Update they actually buffed the XP gains in Meltdown by 50%.

Capture & Face-Off are also incredibly quick compared to most other game modes. I typically reach level 10 in 8-9 minutes in Face-Off for instance.

The main problem is that the games are simply too short for the most part. You become level 10 in Incursion more frequently than the other game modes purely because the games tend to last longer. Incursion arguably has the slowest levelling out of all game modes.

Another partial reason being how kill-reliant levelling becomes throughout the match. If you want to level up quickly, you need to kill the highest level opponents as the exp. you gain from kills are multiplied by their level.

I do wish though they would slightly increase XP gains in Incursion and reduce the kill-dependancy.

The other game modes just need to last longer, which could largely be fixed by thr matchmaking having a tighter ELO-range.

it would be cool (in my opinion) is capture game mode required 2000 points to win.

1000 points just goes by so quick.

They used to go on for longer as well, they changed the scoring with the Winter Update.

It used to be 1 score/■■■■■■■■■/s (score per cap-point per second), easy as that.

Now it scales with the cap points.

1 cap; 1 point per second
2 cap; 3 points per second
3 cap; 5 points per second

That’s why they’re currently short.

I vote that everybody starts at level 2 when playing incursion.

I vote for 7 for all the games I didn’t get to even use my strong helix choices!

Realistically 3 like the other mode would be ok

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Only if you want Boldur, Kelvin, and Attikus to be omnipresent.

Eh doesn’t matter to me. All three are bloated but at least I could reach all the helix choices of whichever character I chose to play