Ever switch it up between playthroughs?

I got in a mood for 2 characters…maybe 3 I don’t know how I feel about Zer0 right now.

Anyway I’m in a mood to play my Commando character :slight_smile: just tossing my turret out and BAM BAM BAM! lol. Plus I love Axton’s character, the whole issue he still has his ex wife’s ring really touches me right here~ (ugh…well you don’t see it but–I’m touching where my heart is.)

Then I just feel like killing something–being a little roider running around killing enemies with not one but two guns :wink: It’s—it’s Salvador if you didn’t understand what I mean’t.

I’m thinking about doing two playthroughs at once…one day/week idk I haven’t figured it out yet. I play as Axton then the next I play Salvador, then back at Axton if I pick not to play as Zer0.

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I swap between Maya and Krieg depending on my mood. Our friend switches between Gaige and Maya, so having two or more characters as your mains is normal.

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Ah alright cool~ :smile:
For a second there I thought I was–weird or something for wanting to switch playthroughs.

I use a spreadsheet. On this spreadsheet is a list of 70 different maps and a second list of 9 characters: 2 Mechromancers, 2 Commandos, 2 Sirens, and 2 Assassins, each with a unique weapon allegiance and build (plus one Gunzerker who gets their scraps). Pressing and holding F9 on this spreadsheet causes it to randomly select different map and character combinations until I let go.

When a combination has been selected, I do the following in this order:

  1. If the storyline hasn’t been done, I knock out a story mission or two.
  2. If any side missions haven’t been done, I knock one of those out. If it’s a Circle of Slaughter, I complete one wave.
  3. If any map challenges haven’t been done, I complete all of those.
  4. Map purge: all chests are checked, all enemy encampments are routed, easter eggs are opened, etc.
  5. If a character starts to run low on challenges/missions, I’ll prestige/reset UVHM and start over.

99% of the time I play the game (which is basically daily), I use this sheet to choose my adventure. Sometimes I roll Salvador in the Holy Spirits, and he checks out that chest and calls it a day. Sometimes I roll my Jakobs allegiance and Ore Chasm, and I cross my fingers and bring out the Stinkpot. I’ve been posting a single screenshot from each of these adventures in the screenshot section of the new Discord chat rooms, for example.

1% of the time, I have a hankering for something specific, and I just do that.


I have the 4 core classes each into OP levels, and play Maya and Axton frequently. I love switching it up.

That spreadsheet idea is awesome!

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I hop between all the characters often for some farming fun.

Borderlands 3 needs a casual/random mode like this.

Good Lord- and I thought I was OCD about things! :smiley: Myself I’m in the middle of doing a straight OP8 play thru for each character- Sal, Maya and Gaige are done, Axton, and Zero have just arrived at Southern Shelf while Krieg is in the middle of avenging Cpl. Riess. The only stipulation for these runs is that I don’t farm for anything nor do I do any dlc until they finish off Handsome Jack and the Warrior…

I never switch it up.

I always play my Mayxtonador.

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[quote=“Handsome_Dad, post:5, topic:580058”]That spreadsheet idea is awesome![/quote]To encourage/enforce the use of as much weapon variety within these allegiance builds as possible, I have a rule where I can only use one instance of each Unique (red text) weapon, so, for example, my Dahl Commando only gets one Sandhawk, my Maliwan Mechromancer only gets one Pimpernel, etc. Also, every Unique weapon made by each manufacturer must fill a usable niche in the arsenal (so no hiding from the Madhous!, Cradle, Bearcat, or whatever weapons you dislike most). I initially started this spreadsheet to keep track of these weapons, and it just went from there.

[quote=“Carlton_Slayer, post:8, topic:580058”]Good Lord- and I thought I was OCD about things![/quote]Maybe it’s OCD, but it doesn’t feel like it… before I had this sheet, I’d hold the down arrow key on the character selection screen, close my eyes, and let go to pick a random character. This just makes that easier (because I’d often land on a mule or a new character creation, and have to re-roll, plus this picks a map too).

It’s one of the reasons I enjoy Claptrap’s Fragtrap tree so much: when I’m in the mood to let the game take me for a ride, the skills in this tree pick my weapon selection/fight style (for better or worse) for me right in the middle of combat.

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You definitely take your pursuit of variety to a higher level than I do, sir! That is a very cool approach.

Personally, I enjoy some particulars too much to leave them alone for long. A day without the Pimpernel isn’t a day that lived up to its potential!