Every Character's Ultimate Concern

Remember the time when every single character has many different unique lines they say when they use their ultimate? Yeah…it is gone now. For example, every time I use Oscar Mike’s Space Laser, the only thing he says is “Be advised, Space Lasers.” I know that Oscar Mike says more than just that such as “Today’s weather is cloudy, with a chance of sickass Space Lasers!” and sometimes, characters do not even say anything when using their ultimates. I like the variety, but having to hear the same quote over and over after every ultimate is a bit annoying. I noticed this started to happen after the release of Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. I do not know if this is something Gearbox decided to change, or if it is a bug, but I certainly do not like it. Please hear me out Gearbox and change it back the way it was before. It is more interesting to hear a variety of funny quotes after using an ultimate. Battleborn shines a lot in their humor and interesting character personalities, but it just does not feel the same when I only hear the same quote again and again every time I use my ultimate.

Many people wanted the Ult-lines back to normal after the last update, there are many threads about this.

Here a promising post from GBX-Dev Jythri:

There are several topics already regarding this, please post in one of the existing threads to keep the feedback together.

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