Every day the same

Every day there is an update that does not fix anything, but nerf every thing that is fun, just because there is a build op without taking the rest into account.
Learn to make games or hire someone who knows, but I paid for a game, not for a beta.

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Every day? Wait… are we speaking in code? Is Khan listening in?



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First the balances seem to be about once a week.

Second they are small hotfixes not patches.

Third while hotfixes take little time, while actual patches can take a lot of time.

Fourth they have different teams working on different issues.

Fifth patches need to be certified by sll companies involved (including Sony and Xbox)

So while it sucks that a big patch hasn’t been released yet, they have already said they are working on it.

Meanwhile other teams are also working on the 3 content upates already announced. Two free and one paid. So they definitely seem busy working on a lot of fixes and content for the game, according to their streams anyway.

Also when buying a game with online components you agree to the TOS that always gives the game company the right and ability to continue changing their game as they see fit.

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I don’t want to seem rude to you, nor is it personal.
But really, I don’t care, I’m already tired, pay for a game, not for a beta, any excuse is that, an excuse for not knowing how to do your job well. The same as the TOS, they only serve to not be sued for incompetent or “alleged fraud”

Must say flakker a bit more stable today. My be i was lucky with M3 modafiers but i can atleast make it a round in slaughter shaft before running out of shooty shells. Maybe todays tinkering actualy helped out.