Every OP8 save has to grind 8 levels and do Digistruct Peak all over again

Thank you Gearbox. :clap:


I knew it. Crap.

Well, atleast you keep the gear. But it stil is annoying for those who want to go to the OP levels again. I have no regrets not downloading it on my PS4.

Also there are two NEW OP levels.

Will the OP guns scales once you reach lvl 73 and above?

Your OP8 guns already work at OP8 damage levels - regardless of your level. I completely smoked the Peak because OP8 Ogre vs OP0 skags.

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Do we get to keep our 8 OP levels once we reach level 80? So just 9 and 10 left or do we really have to do all the levels again?

I’d like to see what other people experience, but I just “power-leveled” to 80 and reloaded. Got the 8 points.

Now OP level selection has returned (OP0 - OP8). I ran the Peak at OP8 and got one of the many OP8 spawns except the BAR-TNK was LEVEL 88! Needless to say I couldn’t scratch it. Checked the vendors : gear is still max level 80.

Reloaded the Peak at OP0 : it was indeed the OP0 run (skags) but they were level 78-80.

Still haven’t started the DLC.

This is not promising.


Thats was for sure, but can you clarify this? DPUH at OP8 had 592k damage (so it was OP8 for 72). For higher level (lets say 75) will it scale to more power just like that?

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I just checked my Ninja : his DPUH’s card says OP8 and its damage says 592500x4.

He’s at level 72 and the enemies are level 72. They are getting the full damage of the OP8 gun. Just tested.

My Axton’s guns - also OP8 but he’s at 80 - do the same damage.

Only damage reduction will be a factor.


Hmm that sounds weird. So it looks like for level 80 character, OP8 guns will do less damage than for lvl 72 character.

Should be.

If you look at it from the “old” system, you can take an OP8 character with OP8 gear to OP0 and do full card damage because there’s no damage reduction.

Take that to OP8 and you do 55% less damage because level 80 enemies have that amount of DR.

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Yes, but for new system it should do more damage. New OP0 is now lvl 80, so all the OP8 guns should scale to new damage.

So wait if you were OP8 and now reach 80 you can start at OP9 or?

I see what you mean. Not sure yet.

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Jesus this is gonna take some number crunching @_@

I don’t even wanna think about how this is gonna fling every single build in the game (including mine) out the window in terms of balancing.

Meh 8 extra skill points doesn’t do a whole lot for Gaige to be honest. Sure I can now actually get to Wires Don’t Talk while heavily investing in the other two trees but I don’t think WDT is really a game changer for me.

I’m also really curious about how the new OP levels work and if OP guns scale or not. Like… if a OP8 DPUH gotten at level 72 has 592k damage… would that be the same damage as a new level 80 OP0 DPUH? If you farm a new DPUH at level 80 OP8, will it have higher damage, equal to a level 88 DPUH?

I can’t check this yet, I’m doing the new content co-op with friends starting tomorrow, so I need to wait, aaaaaaaa. I’m cool with new level cap and more Peak, this will keep me super busy until BL3 comes out, I’m just trying to figure out if all my gear just got really obsolete or not.

What really grinds me is that all my level 72 characters can’t maintain their cap. They have no choice but to level up to 80. And replace all their gear.

At least I’m on PC. I’m not feeling very generous towards GBX at the moment.


Ugh, what a mess. As much as I love this franchise, it is this kind of stuff that sometimes makes Borderlands feel a bit unpolished. Throughout BL2s lifecycle it has often felt like there’s a total lack of forethought and/or number crunching whenever new stuff gets added. If they want BL3 to stand toe to toe with the other modern looters in terms of end game and longevity like they claim, they’ve gotta be better about this stuff going forward…