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That remind me of my teenage years. Back when VHS rental was a big thing. One cheesy karate b-movie had Chuck Norris on the cover with his name in big letters.
He appeared once I think sitting in the back of a limo.

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This is pretty nuts, I think. :open_mouth:

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I stumbled onto…this awhile back:

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Ever wondered why Chimps are still around?

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I really wanted to keep this thing alive.

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Unfortunately, this:

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I was born and raised in Palutena. That doesn’t sound right.

[Language and cringe warning]

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Officially belong to the “music you’re listening” thread but…
Seem more appropriate here.
… And now I gotta get some Chinese food. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Never have I seen a video that celebrates the protaganist/antagonist relationship more, and it’s beautiful.

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It’s time for hygge. Snuggle up around the fireplace :

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omfg, this is even better than people ■■■■■■■ with phone scammers.

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I cannot express in words how much I wish that was a real movie.

I remember having a long chat with a hyperintelligent college friend about this video on Steam; it is wonderful, a sort of uniquely Scandinavian attempt to escape late capitalism. Cleanly designed interiors of naturally treated wood. I love that the swedish evil genius works 9-5, and his lackeys presumably benefit from fixed labour laws and good dental treatment

Also “KILL” and “RELEASE”

We came up with some academic paper titles
“Binary Choices in Love: A Study of the Jungian Twin and Dialectical Materialism in the Bedroom”
“Homosocial Cold War Heroism as Performative Dance: The Story of A Spy and the Pan-European War Criminal Billionaire Who Loved Him”

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Dammit woman, I’m trying to enjoy pop culture stereotypes. Don’t drop actual culture in my peanut butter.

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Hells yes. It’s the finest two minutes in film EVER!

Because science demands it:

Also, do you sleep??