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That remind me of my teenage years. Back when VHS rental was a big thing. One cheesy karate b-movie had Chuck Norris on the cover with his name in big letters.
He appeared once I think sitting in the back of a limo.

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This is pretty nuts, I think. :open_mouth:

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I stumbled onto…this awhile back:

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Ever wondered why Chimps are still around?

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I really wanted to keep this thing alive.

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Unfortunately, this:

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I was born and raised in Palutena. That doesn’t sound right.

[Language and cringe warning]

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Officially belong to the “music you’re listening” thread but…
Seem more appropriate here.
… And now I gotta get some Chinese food. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Never have I seen a video that celebrates the protaganist/antagonist relationship more, and it’s beautiful.

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It’s time for hygge. Snuggle up around the fireplace :

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omfg, this is even better than people ■■■■■■■ with phone scammers.

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I cannot express in words how much I wish that was a real movie.

I remember having a long chat with a hyperintelligent college friend about this video on Steam; it is wonderful, a sort of uniquely Scandinavian attempt to escape late capitalism. Cleanly designed interiors of naturally treated wood. I love that the swedish evil genius works 9-5, and his lackeys presumably benefit from fixed labour laws and good dental treatment

Also “KILL” and “RELEASE”

We came up with some academic paper titles
“Binary Choices in Love: A Study of the Jungian Twin and Dialectical Materialism in the Bedroom”
“Homosocial Cold War Heroism as Performative Dance: The Story of A Spy and the Pan-European War Criminal Billionaire Who Loved Him”

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Dammit woman, I’m trying to enjoy pop culture stereotypes. Don’t drop actual culture in my peanut butter.

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Hells yes. It’s the finest two minutes in film EVER!

Because science demands it:

Also, do you sleep??

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Crossbow kills are so rare, but so satisfying… revenge is a nice icing on that cake.

A Constructor and a Surveyor share some Chain Reaction in slow motion.

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If you run into a moon denier. Forget the rational arguments and show them this.
Yes I’m aware it’s in french but the astronauts communication are in plain American English.
There’s not one human being who can act pure pleasure like that!
Apollo 17. The last men on the moon.

On the rational facts you can also add there was no way to record that length of high speed footage at the time.

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Still the lord of deletes, I see.