Every weapon picked up is 2-3 levels over my character

Every weapon/shield/grenade picked or try to buy in vending machine up is 2 levels over my character. Almost no weapons that I pick up can be used immediately. I know I can store for later, but it is zero fun to acquire a nice new weapon and not be able to use it for a long time. Also forces me to be stuck with lower grade weapons for way to long. Im not going above head in the story either, Im actually going at a slow pace. doing a lot of side missions. Please fix this.

No one else having this issue? When I posted this, I was at 11 and I was only getting 13 weapons. Now Im 14 and same thing only getting 16 weapons. It’s ridiculous!

Are the enemies also 2 or 3 levels ahead of you? The campaign tends to have weird spikes in difficulty.


The vending machines on Sanctuary should always be your level. If the vending machines in a particular area are above your level, that’s a good sign you’re under leveled for that area. I have rarely had that happen, but I also grab all the Crew Challenges for XP as well as many, if not all, of the side quests.


on normal mode the maps and enemies have fixed levels only the bosses scale a little bit

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I did get some weapons over my level when leveling but it was only about 20%ish? Maybe you are fighting mobs over your level in normal mode? It also happens in TVHM, so I’m guessing when a mob drops loot, there is a slight range in the level range with their level minus some an offset being the median of the distribution. So if you are fighting mobs your level, then you should not get too many drops above your level.

On another note… you got 13 weapons at 11 and now you are 14 and getting 16 weapons, then can’t you use the 13 weapons you found earlier? O.o

You may be just a little underleveled, my dude. Try just farming a particular area or boss for experience for a bit before further progressing through the story to catch up. Once you finish it you’ll unlock Mayhem Mode which will make anything scale to exactly your level.

Yes sounds like you are under-leveled, probably due to skipping side quests. The side quests need to be done if you want to stay within the same level range as the campaign’s enemies and loot.

The game jumps some 2 levels ahead of you about when you reach Meridian Metroplex (which would be consistent with your experience, as I think you’re usually level 10-11 at that point). On every first playthrough with a character, I do several side missions at that point until I’m at the correct level again, then move on with the story. Only happens at that point, at least to me.

I maybe got 1 in 20 items over my level but only kept a fraction of those since many of my items were better even tho they were lower.

the one exception was getting relics and being unable to use them since IDK when i’d unlock that slot. that was annoying but supposedly they fixed it