Every week new problems. BL3 is NOT worth it

So here’s my experience with BL3 on PC so far.

Horrible frame rates even though my cpu is decent.
Random sound drops that are fixed only when changing region.
Lost every single item in my bank and had my bank/lost loot SDU’s levels reset.
Now I have lost ALL my items and characters. I had a level 50 amara, level 28 Mode, and a level 1 Fl4k and Zane. Logged on today and now I have a level 33 Fl4k and level 11 Amara.
I have sunk nearly 80 hours in BL3 despite all these issues but now losing my characters? That’s beyond ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■, if this is not fixed soon I am returning the game for a refund. All gearbox is going to manage to do is kill the Borderlands franchise because of releasing a game with bugs that make it literally unplayable since you might lost ALL your save data.

I’m probably one of the few people who haven’t purchased this game. I own all the other ones. The only thing stopping me from buying this one is the in-game issues and all the so called patches to fix said “game” issues. Obviously a defective product was released to the public and these game companies don’t give two ■■■■■ about the consumer and how it affects us. The irony here is that they have beta testers to sort out these problems before the game even comes to market but all they care about is making that almighty dollar.

Well, i play on Xbox one x, 4k, with 4k TV. While i will admit an occasional frame rate issue. It is not game breaking. I have had no major issues with the game since i started playing over 100 hours of play ago.
The game is beautiful, fun and an improvement on BL2 IMHO…

The patchs have been more to nerf things which is my ownly beef. They listen to people with no lives who do nothing but look for glitches to take advantage of and then get gear and characters nerfed in what already is a tough game on MH3.
While Fl4k and Moze have have been OP characters that could absolutely melt bosses. Zane is rough against bosses and not the most popular character while he should be as he is very fun to play.
Anyways, name one game that has ever come ouot that didn’t have issues? You can’t - You know why, because they do not exit. For this game, i know there have been some minor issues. But all in all it has been fun to play.
We just need Shift to stop messing with nerfing things and concentrate on the ga,e. This is not a PVP game, so how cares if a peice of gear was OP? I kept hearing how OP Queens Call was, finally got one to find out it is nothing special. Why, because i think they nerfed it, That is the true issue with this game. Why some PC guys are having issue i cannot say, but on console i have no issues.

If I can play a game and all I have to put up with is the occasional slow frame rate then its really not that bad. I own an Xbox1 and at some point I more than likely will buy the game lol. I do wish they would stop with all the constant adjustments though. Although if your adding a DLC that’s a whole different story.

Ummm ya there are lots of games with no issues when released, you know back when the WHOLE game was on a disc? You either released a complete game or went belly up no updates. Also you completely ignored the lost bank and characters, you can not honestly say that make the game playable. What if you logged on today and all of a sudden ALL your character data was gone and was replaced with some random. This is ■■■■ that could have easily been found if the didn’t rush the game. Saying other games have these issues and it’s okay is like saying you can steal because the other person did. The fact is the game is riddled not only performance issues but also key factors such as being able to reliably. I can deal with performance issues hell I’ve sunk over 80 hours in the game, but are you really trying to convince me that losing that many hours of gameplay is a minor bug other games have had at launch? Those are the bugs that KILL games and seeing something like this happen to one of my favorite game franchises is frustrating and demoralizing.

FFS read the WHOLE post. The frame rate was the start and most minor of issues. Losing whole profiles is NOT a MINOR bug. I’m not bitching about balancing I can care less about that. I lost all my characters, so before you reply please actually read the WHOLE post.

Just as an update, I am the one who lost all my saves and got what appears to look like someone else’s save.

If I can randomly lose more than 80 hours in the game what is the point of playing? If I put another 80 hours in and have that suddenly be replaced with someone else’s about 20 hours of play, it will have just been wasted time.

I don’t understand why there is a discussion about balance and nerfing when there is an incredibly important aspect to the game, saving your progress, that is broken? It’s not like I just lost a few hours of game play, I lost my entire account and had it replaced.

Having issues with balance and frame rates may be fixed through patching, and I can see how new games might have a few kinks in it. Those things are annoying. Losing 80 hours of game play is a completely different category of issue which is game breaking.

I experience FPS drop, and long texture loading, no top of crush recently. This game was 7 years in development? Testing & QC must be evry low on the lists of prorities.

Quick question - are you using the Epic cloud save system? If so, any sign that your account may have been compromised? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard complaints of a completely different set of saves appearing. In one instance, the language for the game had been reset to Russian as well.

You may want to double check your Epic account and maybe reset your password. I would hope they also have the option to set up 2FA ?

Yes, I use epic as I do not know of any current alternative for managing saves on PC. I have had no indication that anything like that has happened but it is possible. I have not seen anything like language settings change but the settings in borderlands 3 also do not appear to be saving correctly. Ever time I load the game I have to go and change the settings as the displayed settings are never correct. Only changing them off then back to my desired settings has any effect.

Is there nothing that can be done from the gearbox side of things? I had several reservations in using epic in the first place and a possibility like this underscores that feeling. Am I now reliant on Epic games to always manage my save files? If it has happened once already, what is stopping it from happening again?

that really sucks. if you do come back, backup your save file

In terms of managing save files? No. Your best bet at this point is to make your own backups at the end of any long sessions. You will want both the individual save001.sav etc. files as well as the profile.sav, so it may be easiest just to back up the entire set of folders.

That is something I can do, yes. It seems pretty short sighted that I have to come to the forums to know I have to do this. I feel like it should have been something that is front and center when trying to buy, install, and play Borderlands 3 on the PC. I have a feeling I won’t be the first person who has problems with people losing their saves.

I feel like having a quick thing where the game itself backs up the save files every time a person ends a session is a quick and easy solution. Something tiny like a local git repo just to track the changes of the save files would not take a lot of effort to set up. If it was done locally, then pushing changes to the remote origin could be an easy second step to having these files tracked remotely and history kept. It is frustrating that I will have to do something like this myself since I paid so much for this game.

Epic games may allow Gearbox to make more money than Steam would, but it’s a new and relatively problem filled distribution mechanism. The savings go to Gearbox, Epic gets exclusives, and the quality of the final product suffers for the users. Were issues with saves a problem on Borderlands 2 when it came out on steam?


I don’t remember when Steam added their cloud back up system, but not everyone has trusted that either. I suspect many players just do their own - especially since storage is so much cheaper and there are more on-line backup options available as well.

I used to make my own backups on 360 as well, but the XB1 doesn’t actually allow you to do that any more. Which is a pain, although so far I’ve been ok. I’m seriously thinking I should have both the XB1 and the gaming PC on a UPS to buy some time in the event of a power failure though.