Every world drop Legendary should have the same drop chance

Yes it’s been said a million times.

But I’m curious why it has not been implemented. How does programming or other technical pitfalls prevent this?

There will always be lesser weapons, but seeing them drop more just sucks.

Honestly making the following weapons into purples(or a diff color) would make me happier.

Ten Gallon
Mareks Bane
Monocle(though can be okay)
I’m likely forgetting the couple more

But I realize they’re legendary because of their unique effect. So just make the world drop pool equal! In BL 2 the MadHouse didn’t drop more than the Kerblaster.

Having a boss drop 2 Mareks Bane is a fail, and a smack in the face.


It is intended, obviously some weapons are better and drops less frequently, it works like that in most of games. This said I would not mind lowering the drop rate of woodblockers :rofl:

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and then there is private beans and he drops 100% of the time :d

The world drop rate is fine. What we need is more dedicated (and consistent) loot drops. There are numerous named bosses in the game that have no dedicated drops yet.

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Can you name them?

Named them one by one? Why?

I can’t recall any one without a dedicated drop. If there are numerous in game, please name atleast a couple of them.

I cant name them but I can try to explain some missions. 1. The guy you have to kill for vaughn at the start of the game on Pandora. Maybe his Name is the undertaker. 2. The giant creature in the mission on necrotafeyo where you have to collect echos for the two robots. 3. On the mission for the grandmother on the hill there is a giant creature who ate her husband (Pandora). 4. Shiv

And there are a couple more, just play the game and do some Missions. Than you will recognize them.

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Shiv should drop the Hornet, would be nice reference to BL2.
The big Manticore is a non-respawnable boss (shame), so missed potential.
Vermilingua is respawnable I think, so yeah.
Is Under Taker available after that mission?

But still, there is to many legendaries in the game (or not enough unique enemies) so there is no way to avoid multiple drops from a single target.

My suggestion would be to minimize the world drops from named enemies, and increased the chances to dedicated based on Mayhem mode. In Mayhem 4 (or max settting in M 2.0) boss should have 100% drop chance of dedicated drop, the same as Scraptrap or Fabricator has in Jackpot DLC, or Private Beans in base game.

For world drops, they chances should be equal as suggested in the topic name.

Undertaker should be available! He just should and he should drop a legendary! All the Mini bosses from bl2 respawned and had their own loot so why not in bl3?