Everybody Just Calm down! Bugged?

I just did a solo Voids Edge as Montana and According to the stats page i Slowed well over 200 enemies Most of them in groups due to me trying to finish the lore. But to my surprise when i finish it still Says i only have 8/20. I was making sure the groups were of 5 or more and hitting them in the body to make sure not to kill them, cause i wasn’t sure if that mattered.

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I had the same issue until I took the extra 2 seconds duration; that really helped with the challenge and I finally got it. I got it doing The Algorithm because of the number of enemies that like to group together.

I did take the 2 extra seconds and it was on Voids edge, You know the one that spawns 5 veralsi per portal so i thought it would be simple. But i didnt get 1 throughout an entire mission witch was odd. cause i hailstormed every group.

That is weird. Like I said, it took me awhile to get it as well, so keep plugging away I guess unless somebody else has more insight than me. Sorry. :blconfused:

I’ve been having issues with this one as well. I even took the bullet penetration thinking that would help, but maybe it’s bugging it out?

Same I’ve been spraying groups of enemies with frost bullets for a while now and I’m still at 0.

Must be bugging out then. I would test it, but I already have it. :frowning:

Problem w/ this seems to be the duration of the slow effect itself - by the time you hit the 5th guy, the 1st one isn’t slowed anymore. Very hard to do w/ just 5 targets unless they’re actually on top of each other. Try the end of Renegade.