Everyone can play Deande! – CC builds guide

Note – This is a generalization of the CC build, not a specific build guide to follow. I won’t cover all gear slots/ helix choices, only the important ones for any variation of these builds. – End Note

Note – I have catered this guide to be the most beneficial for people who are new to the character, as CC builds are usually accepted as the easiest way to play Deande. – End Note

So I’ve been meaning to make this thread for a while now but I’ve been held back. Mostly because I’ve got a lot of other writing projects that demand my time much more severely than Battleborn. Partially because I’ve been playing Battleborn instead of doing this in my spare time. And a little bit because I couldn’t find the right format to say what I wanted to say.

With regards to that last point, I believe that I have ample way to get my points across. Originally, this was the part where I would show you my helix choices and gear, just like every other build guide. But I figured that I would try a bit of an experiment and explain the build and the problem if aims to fix.

However, when I tried to explain this last, it turned into a massive wall of text full of stories, theories, further build ideas, as well as more speculation on stats and future updates than I could even keep up with (And also, surprisingly, a lot of math). With that said I thought it was a safe bet that nobody would want to read all of that in one sitting. So I cut it up. I butchered it into little separate thread ideas that I hope to start rolling out whenever I get to it.

The problem

Now without further ado, and accompanied by the simplest explanation I could come up with, I present to you the problem that CC builds focus on:

Movement speed. (And by that I mean sprint speed and movement speed stats, of both you and enemy players)

I know, I know. We’ve talked about this in many threads before. Quite recently in fact. However I’m sure we can all come to some sort of consensus that Deande is oddly slow. She has been since launch. And while I know this is not the only issue currently surrounding Deande, It is the most prominent one that you as a player can address through a build.

The Explanation

Note – For the following I am not factoring in thrown war fans as a reliable way to finish kills. Nor am I factoring in any other chance effects that skills might have, due to their unpredictability depending on player skill as well as availability at any given moment – End Note

In a very recently posted thread (here) it was found that while Deande has lower than average sprint speed, her movement speed was higher than average. That is to say that if you were all walking you would be able to beat most of the other characters in a race. The result was surprising to say the least as I always assumed that Deande was slow across the board.

However, higher movement speed is only applicable when you are chasing someone who isn’t sprinting. Let’s say Rath initiates a fight. According to the data he has a slower movement speed than Deande. If the Rath realizes he is going to get rekt and starts backing up the Deande will still be able to stay within her melee range and kill him. But that never happens.

What does happen is that the Rath turns and runs. Since Deande can’t run as fast as Rath she has no hope of catching him and securing the kill. Not only that, but if she did manage to catch him due to a ninja buff that took place right at that second, she can only melee while walking, thus lowering her movement speed again.

Whenever I explain this problem to my friends I like to use a ratio of speed between the two players. Deande is always 1, set as the base to which all competing movement speeds are compared. For example, the previous scenario with Rath walking would see a ratio of 1: X<1, with x being the variable for enemy speed. In the other case with Rath sprinting you would see a ratio of 1: x>1.

For Deande to effectively finish a kill the ratio has to be in accordance with the first case, where x is less than or equal to 1.

The Solution

Movement speed/sprint speed gear is not the solution for two reasons. One, because sprint speed gear is useless while attacking. And two, because the buffs granted by movement speed gear are not enough to bring the ratio in favor of Deande when she tries to hit a sprinting enemy.

Note– This by no means is to say sprint speed/movement speed gear are bad choices, but that they grant you little advantage by themselves. – End Note

The solution, as I’m sure you all could have guessed it without my long ass explanation of simple, elementary principles, is the slow de-buff.

Just think of it like a race. If aren’t fast enough to win, just get your buddy to place a log in front of the people who are faster than you so that they trip, and break something, and give us all amusement (I know you’ve done this Kevin, don’t BS me).

When you apply a slow, guess what, the enemy moves slower (insert gasps of shock here). That in turn lowers the value of the variable x to the point it reaches the optimum levels of being less than 1. Deande can now catch and kill that stupid Rath who tried to ruin her day.

Deande’s Available CCs

Since this post is about CC builds I thought I might as well touch base on everything else she has in her tool kit. Slow is still the most important by far, but these other ones are at least worth a mention.

Weaken – Deande has this by default when hitting an enemy with burst dash. It lowers the damage output of an enemy by 30% and can be used to gain the upper hand on an enemy you might not kill with the initial burst dash.

Wound – taken at level 3 with the uppercut mutation. This one I usually stay away from. It slows down the animation of the primary melee combo and is useless in most situations. However I would consider it if you end up facing multiple healers or even an Ambra if she knows what she is doing. Then at the very least you have an option to deal with an enemy team who always seems to remain at full health (But I still really don’t like the added animation).

Stun – This one is amazingly useful, albeit hard to set up at times. Also you only get it on your ult, but at least it’s at the default level of blink storm. Use it as a group lockdown and call out to your team mates to finish them off, or catch a single enemy in it and watch his health drop.

Battlebuild – what to take for hauling ass and roasting noobs.


Boots of the brute

View on lowlidev.com.au

This will add a third sow to your toolkit and is extremely useful early game as it acts as a pseudo silent strike on singular enemies. Additionally it just so happens to give you a slight boost to your movement speed, which might come in handy, maybe.

Erratic Shard Extractor

View on lowlidev.com.au

Really there is not much to be said about this. Gets those boots in faster. Level up on buildables.

The third slot – Pick whatever you want. Heliophagic goggles for a blind plus another hit to the critical damage given by the boots? Go for it. A white attack speed gear? Have at her. I always find I’m switching this slot out for something else. Use whatever works for you but here are a few suggestions to wet your appetite:

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

Actually I really like that blue. If you have one try it out.

Helix Choices:

Level 1 – Ground Zero. Yes that’s right. Trust me it makes things a lot easier. Landing an AOE slow with Boots is deadly effective at low levels. Additionally once you get silent strike you can slow multiple enemies either for you to finish off or for your team to come in and finish them. One more thing about the Ground Zero augment is that it can be used as a tool for mass weaken. I find this synergy especially effective for playing objectively in the new face-off mode as well as for dealing with the ridiculous new minions.

Note – You can work a CC build well enough without Ground Zero, but if you are consistently landing burst dashes you may want to try a shield stacking build instead. Just remember that this builds guide isn’t exactly for those who play hundreds of hours as Deande, it’s for those who want to get into her, and Ground Zero makes that a lot easier. – End Note

Level 5 – Silent strike. This is hands down the most important thing you can take for almost any build. This is the point where you start closing a lot more kills because you bring the ratio of movement speed into Deande’s favor.

Level 6 – Ire’s Echo. This one is really good if you can use it right. It grants a slow when your holotwin explodes and catches an enemy in its blast.

Everything else – Take what you feel like taking. Play with the different options and find a way that works for you. I’m always changing up my CC build with the different helixes but those three aforementioned choices are always the ones that remain the same. Thought to be perfectly honest they can also be changed out to try different things. Except of silent strike. Silent strike always wins.


Note – for this section I’m operating under the assumption that you are at least level 6 and have your boots activated. Additionally I’m going to ignore random intervention from other players as there are too many possibilities to deal with. I want to focus on a perfect situation to make sure what I say makes sence. – End note

Knowing how to use a CC build will first require you to have a good grasp on how to play Deande. The last time I tried to explain how to play Deande in this guide I think I ended up at around 4K words before I scrapped the idea. So instead I will explain everything that pertains specifically to a CC build instead of everything and anything.

But here are some bullet points on general gameplay just for reference:

  • Don’t 1v1 that Galilea
  • Don’t run out into the middle of a fight like you holotwin
  • Don’t take on multiple enemies that have much health
  • Do use dropkick
  • Do backdoor the buildables
  • Do communicate with your team to finish off weak enemies and coordinate lockdowns
  • Do take all the enemy shards
  • Do take double thralls while no one is watching
    I could go on but really the point is to play her like an assassin because she is one. Not some front line brawler you want to pair up with a pocket Miko.

Stager your slows – Learning to stagger your slows is one of the most important things you can do with a CC build, especially if you are going after a player with a decent amount of health. If you run the build with all three possible slows then you have to know when your slows will proc so that you can consistently hold an enemy from escaping.
For instance, since the slow on the Boots of the Brute are overridden by silent strike when attacking from cloak, you may want to get a few hits on the enemy before you cloak. That way you can drain his shield and then cloak and burst dash him for the silent strike slow. In this case, provided the enemy has a good bit of health, they will usually try to challenge you in a 1 on 1 fight before you cloak. A fatal mistake.

While staggering the boots slow is important, learning to stagger the other two slows is much more so. As soon as you enter cloak you have two indicators for When Ire’s echo will proc. The first one is the red bar indicator next to your crosshairs on the screen. The second one is the health bar of your holotwin. You need to pay attention to both of these to know when the slow is coming.

If your clone is in no danger of dying then wait until a few seconds before it explodes. Burst dash the enemy for the silent strike slow and then start ripping through his health with the aid of the holotwin. When the holotwin explodes you get the second slow and by this point the enemy should be almost dead. There is nothing left to do but kill him.

However, if your clone is in danger of dying, burst dash immediately and get silent strike on him help keep him center screen. Again lay into him with you fans. The explosion of the clone will put some damage into him and slow him, enabling you to finish him off.

In another situation, if you see an enemy weak, run up to him in cloak and slow him with silent strike. Don’t worry about the boots slow in a fight like this. Try to position yourself so that the clone can catch up before silent strike ends and then let it explode. Quick melee him back towards the clone if you have to, but that should be a rare occurrence. However in a situation where the enemy is weak you really should have no problem finishing him off with the silent strike slow alone.

To sum up the preceding, learn when your slows proc and stagger them.

Chasing people – Yes chasing is more of a general thing, but what I mean by this is what to do when you catch someone, however hard that may be with Deande. It’s for this very reason that I don’t rule out sprint speed gear completely from my Deande builds.

This is a shorter point to make, but when you catch someone you only need to hit them once to apply the boots slow. This brings the Ratio of speed down and into your favor. But only for a very short time. Use the momentary advantage to spam a cloak + burst dash combo. Don’t worry about Ire’s echo here if the enemy is hell bent on running. Now that you have a serious slow on them you can try to finish them off.

Final notes

So here we are at 2500 words. I know I didn’t do the tactics section enough justice but I hope to rectify that issue latter. As I said in the beginning this post has been on my mind for a while now. I originally intended to have gameplay but while a CC build is effective, it isn’t the most interesting thing in the world to watch. But a shield stacking build… now that’s another story. Ah I’ll have to get to that one too. I’m just happy I could finally get this out of my word processor and onto the forums, for my sake, and for those who have been asking for it (I’m looking at you kevin). So sorry for the wait.

Anyway, now that this is finally out I’m almost expecting all the religious Deande players to give their input. And I urge you to do so. I’m always operating under the impression that I could very well be wrong at any point. So please, poke holes as always (but let’s not discuss GZ vs nomal burst dash again please for the love of god. I can use normal burst dash as well as anyone who put 500ish games in with Deande and this builds guide isn’t for people like that). And for whoever read this far, thank you kindly. And if this helped even 1 person, let me know I’m not wasting my time.

Perfection shall be achieved.

PS: let me know if drop down tabs would make this easier to handle.


Definitely a good guide for those who are new to deande. I’d love to see more good deande players since she’s among my favorite heroes

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So this is pretty sound logic, I just have a couple of critiques and suggestions, but in general good work.

I think any beginners build that suggests a legendary item is counter productive because a beginners guide should assume they don’t know the synergy between the helix choices and the rest of the kit. Having an item that brings in a new tool to the kit doesn’t make sense to me. Also, I have played over 400 hours and I only have the two common pieces of gear above and none of the rest.

As for Deande specific suggestions, the best item to give her is a cooldown reduction. I like the Rogue blue, similar to the sprint speed, but cooldown or a zero cost one, Jennerit has a negative of recoil. Those are just minor things and a personal preference. I love Deande and have had her mastered since May and I usually go CC and stack twin skills over burst damage, I find her more versatile that way.

Finally, I cannot disagree with your level one helix choice more. If I ever see a Deande chose it, I am feasting on them all game.

  1. You can’t really learn to use burst dash if you change the mechanics at level one.
  2. If you change it, you give her one fewer escapes.
  3. If you take double trouble at level one, you solve all of her movement issues

I get what you say about legendaries. My first response to that would be that being new to Deande dosen’t mean you are necessarily new to the game. There are some people out there who have a good grasp on the gear system but not Deande, and probably have a boots of the brute lying around. However, those people were not my only concern so if we are talking about completely new players it would make sense. Originally I intended for the Boots of the Brute to be an optional way to gain a third slow, but I think i got lost in my writing and made it a full blown part of “every” CC build (i.e. If a build doesn’t have them it’s not a CC build) which is not what I intended, since you can work a CC build just fine without it. I’ll probably go back over it and work out some of the wording, or add some more notes.

I’m a little surprised by cooldown reduction honestly. I’ve tried it, but I never found it made a big enough difference compared to, say, shield cap or skill damage. But hey, personal preference. Although…you did just give me an idea how to generalise the gear part and simply make it better for everyone. will work on it after work.

Now for GZ…

I know I take some flack for not absolutely hating GZ. TBH I used the crap out of it when I was a nooblet Deande player. Now when I look back I remember trying to transfer to normal burst dash. It was awkward, but it wasn’t at all that bad after a match or two. Sometimes I still choose GZ to use as a mass weaken or if I’m tired and can see through my blurred eyes.

To address your first point, you would be right. But based on personal experience it doesn’t take too long to make the switch. And since I was focused more on ease of use than anything else the result was ground zero. However I can see that starting early with normal burst dash would help you in the long run, so I am not exactly inclined to disagree with your point either.

For two, the dash distance is poor and only applicable as an escape in a few situations. IMO getting rid of it as an escape is not a tragic loss.

i like double trouble. i like wonder twins too. i dont really know what else to say here

Actually burst dash distance can be quite surprising at times and I prefer the distance over the cool down. There is a difference between the actual fans hitting and the little aura that goes with it.

The distance is good (double trouble). But wonder twins gives you life steal on the clone, not cooldown. Unless I misunderstood your statement. but I have had that clone lifesteal give me an edge at times and get me away from problem situations. But most of the time I do choose Double trouble.

Oh I was talking about the helix at level 7.

ah that makes more sense

Just 1 extra thing: ground Zero can deal more dmg than a critical burst if used in a group. I use it in meltdown with life steal hélix if we dont have a healer.

Also ground Zero works wonders vs kleese, ambra and Ernest, you can destroy their toys, deal some dmg and get out.

Edit: im thinking in use voxis core, bolas target and a shard generator or anything else with extra shield… I wonder if each hit of ground Zero trigers voxis core 15% dmg and bolas target 5%…

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Right. How could I forget that.