Everyone complains about droprate nerfs

yet even post nerf droprates in this game are x100 better in this than they were in bl2 even after the droprate buffs in bl2 lol

you could go 12 straight hours farming bunker without ever seeing a single legendary drop from him


i agree, lol

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Bl3 advertised good loot and that’s what we expect. That was my biggest complaint in the other borderlands games was how ■■■■ the loot was.

I find it funny that hardcore players wanna complain the loot drops are too high instead of how easy the game is .

Again, yes the drop rates are a lot higher in this game.

The difference is simple though, and you are using Bunker which is the one of the few bosses in BL2 that didn’t drop with decent rates.

BL3 drops tons of loot but you can farm for days and get 100’s of items and never get the Rhowans Call or a Rad Butcher or a Recurring Hex etc. I have found exactly 1 Recurring Hex and 1 Rad Butcher and 0 Rhowans Calls in around 60 hours of gameplay. I have found TONS of the same guns I tend to sell like Monoclse and ASMD and pistols, but nothing I keep. If I find 50 Legendaries I might keep 1-2. Lots of drops though which can keep things interesting.

BL2 on the other hand had a 10% approx. drop rate for most of the legendaries, Bunker is the main exclusion to this. Almost every other boss was around 10% drop rate and I had better luck with some and less with others. in BL2 though, I could go farm Doc Mercy if I wanted an Infiniti and I knew if I killed him 20 times I would get at least 1-2 most of the time. Yes there were some things like the Sham or Norfleet which were the exception but most were not.

I personally liked knowing that if I wanted to start a new character I had a very good idea on where I need to go to farm some items I wanted them to use. I could spend a couple hours and I could have a weapon and shield for them, although mods could be trickier.

In BL3 I now have to make a character based on the guns I am finding because I can’t just go after a certain item.

Both sides have their upsides and downsides.

not having dedicated drop sources isnt the same as droprates being bad tho

ppl complain a lot about how even bosses don’t drop legendaries enough and they just seem spoiled for it

more guns needed dedicated drop sources, but you can’t say that legendaries dont drop in abundance in bl3 and say droprates suck

even drops from terra or the warrior in bl2 were hard to get because of just how crowded their lootpools were

I didn’t say drop rates suck, I said you could farm 100 guns and never find a gun you want.

I have said from the beginning that drop rates in BL3 are WAY higher then in BL@, but it was easier for me to get a gun I want in BL2 because we knew where most of the decent ones drop.

We complain about both. BL3 is super easy and hands you loot every few minutes. You can kill a bad ass and get 2-3 legendaries sometimes. Just from the one kill.

but that’s a different issue from droprates being too high

more guns should have dedicated drop sources instead of crowding the world drop pool, but droprates overall should be reduced to compensate


Personally I would prefer lower drop rates, but dedicated drop locations.

Seems like most people prefer the higher drop rates and keeping world pool though which I dislike.

You got 100 legendaries you don’t like? Hit the trade forums. You will get what you want easily, especially if you got anointed ones.

And I do, I just prefer getting myself.

I see people wanting to trade items to dupe and I hate trading and not knowing if someone cheated to get the gun I am trying to trade for =(

I prefer to stay 100% legit.

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BL2 had major issues and left me dissatisfied, even after beating the peak solo at op8 back then with Maya. Bad loot drops and unmitigated rng is not the way to go in BL3 and I hope thet steer clear from that even more. As a 3D, a substantial aspect of the game is outplaying the enemies, not waiting 3 years of a gear to drop.

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not saying it should be like bl2, im saying ppl should be happy with the droprates even post nerf as theyre much healthier for the game’s longevity

ppl should suggest giving more items dedicated drop sources or higher chances of dropping instead of complaining ab droprates imo