Everyone in concordia is a mutant

Last night a friend and I experienced some odd gameplay/audio bugs while messing around in outlands canyon, so in order to escape these spooky situations we returned to Concordia… Only to discover over half the Condordian “citizens” where messed up in one way or another.

I’m talking shrinking heads, people who’s skin texture looks like they’re melting, tiny hobbit sized men with giant teeth far too big for their mouths.

We followed one guy around because he was particularly short and that’s when we noticed his face looked like it had been created using the oblivion character creator, his cheek bones stuck out so much they could be viewed from behind.

Has anyone else experienced the mutants of concordia? My friend and I have had a long running joke of saying the game is haunted because of all the odd little bugs that crop up or the audio ques making people talk over each other or all at the same time ect, but this was legitimately spooky at first.

The breathing glitch actually did creep me out

No joke, when you put the mic up to the speaker it was pretty odd/creepy.

That was some creepy pasta sh*t

No photos?

Sadly no i really wanted a video though:(

Hopefully someone else gets this glitch? I would love to see it, sounds mental

As i said above its some creepy pasta sh*t lol