Everyone is talking about Fl4k but what about the destruction of Torgue

Are you on tvhm m3?

What it should have been is a max amount of stickies you can put on(max like 5 times your magazine), or a max in increase of damage(so like 5% each, and its max is at an overall 100%, or something like that).

never used them anyway. if they nerf the arctic night hawkin ima riot though

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Flakker and Rowans Call are good, but they shouldn’t be the only options you have for an entire gun manufacturer.


Yeah something like that is better than burrying it in the ground. Honestly there is a limit, 10 seconds-ish all the stickies blow up in a single explosion. Still does a ton of damage but no crits and I always felt like the damage was overall lower.

i use flakker sparingly since its OP as ■■■■ and rowans call? i hate the crank on it so i never use it.

My big thing is I wish they lowered the overall damage because that was pretty strong but the playstyle was its own thing that involved a bit of timing/skillful play to keep up Fade Away. Also there was down-time in between Fade Aways when you could die.

What game are you playing??? I’m having no issue with FL4K or the weapons or any of the changes made to them. Granted I’m only level 26 on my first playthrough, but damn, you all act as if 2 entire classes of weapons are totally useless. I’m not exclusive to any particular manufacturer but Torgue weapons were NOT rendered useless by the latest patch. I’m also one of the ones who’s still using my level 16 Masher and wrecking people.

If you crit on the stick, doesn’t it also crit on the explosion? Because if not, why was “stick” ever considered superior to default firing style.

You are correct, as long as you reload or swap weapons before that time is up. Try it out, if you have a bunch of stickies and let them expire themselves they just blow up in one big bang. I have a video of me killing a Legendary hunt and it flying off the map because all the stickies just explode at once.
@forcefield58 what you are experiencing is normal, everything changes in later playthroughs and with Mayhem 3. Builds have to be more precise and damage needs to be adequate or you will just die.

only options? ever heard about laser-sploder?

Maybe you need to go and check stats before tossing around comments on things you dont fully comprehend.

The nerf is far worse than 15% try again.

The “patch notes” are incorrect. They show an invalid percentage of damage reduction and fire rates.

There are some jakobs guns that recieved as high as 70% damage reduction and almost nearly the same in fire rate.

Aside from a few specific legendaries that were balanced uniquely Jacobs received a 15% nerf to pistols and Torgue a 10% nerf to pistols. These were blanket balance changes. There is no debate here.

Unless your trying to say the patch notes that Gearbox provided are wrong but you are right?

It seems you did not understand what I just said in my post either. I’ve already proven this and so have many others including YouTubers who broke down the nerfs on jakobs.

If you want to believe the patch notes then by all means go ahead. But 6 is not 5 seconds. :slight_smile:

This is just exaggerated nonsense. I was getting better criticals on my level 7 blue Muckamuck than I did on a level 12 green drop (even accounting for enemy levels). And both are better for my sniping style than most other snipers I’ve come across yet.

Shotguns are more arguable (lots of good shotguns out there), but I’m currently running a Brainfreeze Zane with a bladed blue Scattergun and it’s hilarious. Heads popping everywhere.

People need to stop making stuff up and start posting videos to accompany their claims that weapons are now useless.

Yeah, you go check those incorrect stats again :confused:

Anyway, OP, have you actually tried Torgue pistols since the nerf? The Devil’s Foursum and Rosien’s Thorns are still solid, and last I checked they were Torgue pistols.

Haha you still don’t get it. :frowning:

You asked: do I believe the patch notes on this site.

My response with: 6 seconds is not 5 – is because that’s a flat out lie. As can be seen in-game.

Do you understand why I said that now? I had assumed you would get it since you seem to be some sort of a guru. Or at least that’s how you try to portray yourself. I’d use another term but that goes against forum rules :confused:

But what do I know? I’m just a crackhead idiot. Amirite? :B

On mayhem 3 there are like 10 viable weapons IMHO. I’m not trying to shoot 5+ full mags into something to kill it. Nerfing things just seems kind of silly to me. Sure Jakobs and Torgue were strong on TVHM but guess what? everything sorta is honestly. I can run with greens and shred stuff with Zane of all people on TVHM. TVHM is a joke. You can’t tell how good a weapon is until you are fighting the M3 anointed and shield/armor/health style enemies like tinks and rocket launcher zealots. Those are the enemies that prove whether a weapon is worth a crap or not. Even then tho the multipliers on mayhem sorta make it infinitely easier or harder leading to a very unenjoyable and inconsistent game IMHO. Couple that with the pretty frustrating largely world drop loot system and i’m already sorta fed up with BL3 sadly :confused: Plus there just isn’t all that much to do if i’m being honest. Most of the campaign is crappy filler and unskippable cutscenes or listening to people talk and the story isn’t all that great tbh. Once you finish the story and side/crew missions you are left with farming, but farming is all RNG world drops sooo yea

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Okay I understand that not “every single” Torgue weapon was affected by the nerf. But the thing is legendary weapons are honestly in their own category, because they have their special effects. I’m more referring to all the non-legendary weapons. Because as they stand at this moment any non-legendary Torgue weapon I find is pretty much garbage. I’ve recently started an Amara and even in normal mode there are plenty of better options by any of the other manufacturers.

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Ok, figured that was the case. Thanks for the feedback.