Everyone need accept NDA or we are choosen yet?

Mostly topic title say,

since I needed to accept this NDA stuff, does this mean we are picked or just a random E-Mail like the 10000 before? :stuck_out_tongue:


We weren’t told exactly what the choosing process is, but you need to sign the NDA if you want a chance to be included. Those chosen should be getting an e-mail when GBX is ready to run the tests.

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In another post someone mentioned they were updating the Closed Test Registration process to include the NDAs, which meant they had to go back and email the NDA to everyone who had registered prior to that update.

Long story short: we’re all still waiting to find out who gets to play.

Sad. Thanks. So we have to wait a few more month to help out in Beta

I know, I was pretty bummed, too. Nobody knows the exact date when testing will start. It’s just a waiting game right now.

Gbx are trying to get NDAs out of the way before selection. I doubt it’s going to be months.

Closing, as this is covered several times in other threads.