Everyone Should Get Killed by a M7 Sentry at Least Once

I’m sure everybody already knows about this but I just wanted to share.

So I got a bit over eager during an Incursion match today and tried taking down a Sentry from one of the side rooms on Overgrowth (the other team wasn’t doing so great so I thought, what the heck!).

The Sentry of course killed me (i did do some damage though) and then something unexpected happened… (Not my video because I was too busy laughing my guts out)

This is of course the same thing a certain character did in a recent Marvel movie.

Someone even made it into a GIF!

I absolutely love the fact that the Sentrys can taunt you XD


That. Is. Epic.

Lol, never seen that before. I’m guilty of sacrificing myself to get some points on the sentry, never taunted me though!

I didn’t just run in, I was trying to be careful and duck in and out of cover to try and reduce the amount of damage I was taking. Perhaps Sentrys have a Pissed-O-Meter stat you have to fill in order to trigger a taunt kill, or maybe it is just random.

“hahahahaha dumbass!” -Sentry.