Everyone talks about the modifiers, but annointed need some work

Yeah the modifiers are busted af, but certain annointed need to be… well either buffed or nerfed because of how poorly they too were designed in Mayhem 3 (Gearbox devs, give us a real answer. How deep did y’all really test Mayhem modes?).

Anointed Militant- The invincibility modes. Oh god the invincibility modes. WAITING. IS. NOT. DIFFICULT. There needs to be a serious cooldown put on the invincibility time, because that stuff getting spammed makes them a chore to deal with. Not hard. A chore. The fire could use some work as well, maybe cut back the accuracy of it so it’s possible to dodge consistently. It’s literally lighting a fire under everyones rears while also making it impossible to put out the fire by constantly making him invincible. Definitely the most broken of them.

Anointed Psycho- Buff. Buff so bad. Give him more speed or something so we have to keep getting creative dodging him. As it stands this dude is about as fearsome as any other psycho, just with extra health.

Zealot- The bomb sphere needs a shorter time. It’s a vicious DPS weapon and it lasts way too long. In a vacuum it wouldn’t be a big deal, but these guys are executioners when you’ve got guys on all sides laying into you.

Tinks- Buff/Nerf. Specifically the gun. If you get caught by the spray n pray attack, it’s basically instant death. Simultaneously, if you keep headshotting the Tink he’s a sitting duck. maybe merge the extremes a bit. Tick down the damage or give it more telegraph time and cut down just how effective headshot stun is.

Of all these suggestions, I think the Invincibility mode on the militant is the only one I’d call absolutely necessary. Everything else is a decent idea, but not a deal-breaker. The major issue is on that Mayhem 3. Modifiers aside, the big point of Mayhem mode is it’s more than just numbers but bigger, and the annointed are extremely common and always in groups. This can make some of these more insta-kill attacks and waiting games far more punishing for no other reason than builds that can’t literally 2-second wipe everything with a red health-bar get bodied constantly, and at times force a reset just to get new enemy RNG. God forbid you get 2+ in any tight area.

Tinks annoy me the most, whenever i fight them they constantly go into their smallest form and run around making it a pain to kill them.

The small form could be treated as invincibility, but at least they can be damaged by nades, tracking, etc. there’s still options, unlike the militant which is just a giant red stop sign that says NOPE. Maybe bump the hitbox size a bit, or shorten his duration. Overall I think the gun is the more unbalanced, though that can definitely be taken as a personal opinion.

annoited are all fine except the time you are into proving grounds.
the immune one spams immunity every time you shoot him.
the tink becomes small and it requires grenades when zane exist in the game. both of these makes your 25min run a hell and proving grounds have ■■■■ loot already.m
just giving him a cooldown on his immunity is fine. shorting the duration of tiny tink is also a solution but i guess they have other priorities. i believe they wont let the annoited as they are

Tink don’t require grenade, an Atlas gun also work, or a splash weapon, or Amara phasegrasp

I mentioned the atlas “tracking”. Splash damage is fine, but definitely don’t bring in individual character’s abilities, especially a single one. 1/12th of all abilities shouldn’t be how anything is designed. I’m not saying that every gun needs to work on every enemy, but maybe more than torgue and atlas should be available to handle them (and no, tediore doesn’t count. Gonna have to agree with the BL universe on this one, tediore suuuuuucks).

Moze do well with splash damage
Amara got her phasegrasp
Fl4k is pretty ■■■■■■■ awesome with Atlas gun (If you properly target their weakspot to get full crit)
Zane lack grenade, but work well with everything, both Atlas gun and splash

So yeah, I mentionned phasegrasp cause it’s the go to strategy for one of the character

Zealot bomb with double splash radius modifier for enemies = run as far away as you can and wait a minute and a half before it explodes.


Militants sometimes chain their fire attack mode with barely a second or two in between. What i’ve noticed is that once you get a Militiant to start doing that, its as if something in his AI get gets triggered and he just begins to spam it. Then 80% of the Militants you meet dont even use it once. I also sometimes get them to be Invincible whilst being Phasgrasped, which is very odd.

Psychos are a pushover. Zealot large AoE grenade is too slow and takes too long to trigger. Tinks go from Rambo to a pushover depending on circumstances.