Everyone trashes on Zane and I don't get why

As was said, it’s in comparison to something else and as a result he’s actually not a lot more effective than people give him credit for.

This is a game about loot. Things are often measured by the rate at which any build can make loot fall out of things. Zane is… Very slow.

To some people that makes him unplayable because any benefit he brings is totally overridden by his inability to achieve the ultimate goal of the game - get loot.

You aren’t wrong. They aren’t wrong. You just have different opinions. Each of you are giving him the credit he deserves from your own perspectives.

I assure you, this is quite normal.

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If you have the right gear, you can get very quick kills on bosses offline and online. I’m not going to claim he’s the best at farming, but you can certainly slap bosses in this game in seconds unless you get the absolute worse modifiers.

I am aware. However, I just made the point that opinions based on personal preferences are valid and both sides can be right even though people disagree, neither is ‘wrong’.

The first response I get Is telling me one of my comments is wrong.

I believe you have missed the point. :wink:

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I get that, and on your other comments I agree but saying he’s “Very slow” at killing things (assuming bosses) I feel is just wrong.

I think people misunderstand the cryo Zane build. It’s more of a critical hit build than a pure cryo build, and it does massive damage even when using non-cryo weapons. In fact, right now my go-to weapon is a purple Jakobs AR which kills most adds in 1-3 shots w/o even needing to freeze them. And then when the modifiers are good (+70% elemental damage, +25% gun damage), just throw on a cryo sploder and freeze everything instantly. It has more consistency than people give it credit for.

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Completely agree, the other build post I linked to relies on Brain Freeze and Calm, Cool Collected and is really effective for mobbing.

The build I posted here is a more generalist build that is very effective at both boss bashing and mobbing.

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That’s how I play my Zane. Recently received purple Jakobs masher carbine with the accuracy and crit annointment.

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Everyone’s just mad they can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo.


Zane Main, going to reply real quick here with some facts.

(~400 hours play time about 100 hours on each, maybe less on fl4k and amara and more on zane and moze)

  • Zane is good
  • Zane takes more effort to use than any other Vault Hunter
  • Zane if used right is now better and faster than fl4k in general gameplay
  • Amara is easier to use and faster and better than Zane in almost any way
  • Moze is easier to use and faster and better than any other Vaulthunter in any way

I watched a Fl4k kill an anointed in less than 10 seconds the other day… Show me how Zane can do that, please :sob:

You are not wrong, but I feel like Amara is stronger than Moze. Not counting grenade spam, that gets fixed soon hopefully.

Zane can do it with cutsman, but I agree, he lacks dps in some situations while mobbing, it can get tedious. And I hate using crutch weapons to make character work. Also Fl4k can kill anointed with one bullet from Monocle using overkill guardian perk

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10 seconds? ffs take long musket and fry the ■■■■■■ it won’t take 10 seconds.

I have a lvl 50 firesale long musket, it does not take less than 10 seconds to kill anointed…

damn dog why does it take less for me then… might it be a setup? who knows amarite?

i been playing zane since release and i have not had any troubles with anything but full immunity phases of millitants that about it. other annointeds are barely a problem for my main build and even for my fun build. there is no way i am playing different game then you ha.

maybe you underestimate how much time 10 seconds is? a gun with fire rate of 8 will shoot 80 bullets in 10 seconds.

On mayhem 3 without elemental buff? I enjoy long musket but never used it against anointed. As for militant, just ignore him until he stops his bs. He is not very dangerous

Please, show me your setup, and if you have to use any action skills, then it’s not just the passives and gun that is doing the killing, I’ve only played as Zane from the beginning, but every video I see anywhere shows the other VH’s face melting everything while I struggle, I’ve yet to complete a shaft as I just don’t feel like Zane is good enough, don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the game, I really am, and im happy that gearbox are trying to balance it, but currently, Zane is the weakest vh by a country mile, and that makes me :pensive:

i am not doing any proofs for anyone anymore however i can show you the weakest zane build doing m3 shaft which i did for a challenge.

i am not going to do damn proof videos every time someone feels like arguing only reason i used laser sploader here is because my musket was on the other zane.

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You can get your point across easier without being so passive aggressive, just saying. Also 1+ hour for slaughter shaft is very bad

it is a challenge run…

i can do +70 elemental; +50 cryo; CCC zane run it won’t be anything to be proud about.

Why post challenge run if this guy asks for help with something viable? To show him how superior you are? :smile: