Everyone wants to be Alani

But most people don’t know how to play as her. Yes, its a new hero, I get it, it will take time to learn how to use her abilities and her playstyle, but something Ive noticed is that people pick her just because shes new and even though shes a capable fighter, most Alani players are not using her as a support.

Which annoys me, because I want to use her as the support shes supposed to be, but by the time Im able to pick my character, someone else already got her.

This is frustrating, every match its the same thing.

That’s why I’ve been playing PvE or with friends that will let me choose her.


How do you mean, people aren’t using her as a support?

I totally know what you mean. I buy a shield for her just so i can stay alive longer and be of help. I use heals regen and keep the puddles out longer so people can use the regen effects. and some how STILL manage to kill more enemies, and get more damage along with heals.

Going on offense more than healing the team.

You do realize that Alani has to attack to heal right?

Yeah, and they are generally the people that die first. smh

One thing is attacking behind your teammates, another is to charge into the other enemy, which is what most Alani players are doing.

Because she can stand on her own easily, people are exploiting that and going solo.

I see. I must be a bit luckier than you lol. I’ve been pretty fortunate today with Alani players being pretty supportive. Well, here’s hoping you get to jam on Alani soon! She’s a blast to play, I hope you enjoy her.

All the supportive Alanis i see are on the enemy team …
All the ones that snipe Alani on my team are the rambo ones that will literally charge half the enemy team alone or when you can convince them to fight with the team they will leave 3 attackers after a push with 25 - 40% Hp and just run off to kill more minions.

Hell, one match in particular the enemy Alani pulled 54k Healing as well as being near top of their team for damage and kills while our Alani was bottom for Kills and Assists and did half as much Healing as i did on Reyna and the other Alani.

They just don’t seem to understand that just because you’re building for damage output doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be healing and topping up friendlies after or during a fight.

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My problem is when I go to heal I accidently discharge my osmosis before the character is in y sights, so I go from 600+ heals to 65…

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Part of the thing that I think Gearbox intended for this character was for her to be able to be played as either a healer or and attacker, so if you spec her right and play her right, it’s ok to play her as an attacker. As long as the person still knows what they’re doing and you’re team doesn’t have a gaping lack of support, it’s fine to play Alani as an attacker.

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She’s like a combination of my 2 favorite heroes - Miko and Orendi (both of which I have as ‘Master of’ titles).

She’s a blast to play as (no pun intended … mostly).

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It’s a real challenge at times. And unlike Miko, who can just hit the beam again, a screwup can be disastrous. That’s not a complaint, just an observation.

Play pve you can have more than 1 of the same character.

Except shes a healer and nearly ever ladder in her helix can buff her healing in some way.

I’m sorry but she’s not a damage dealer. Please heal if you choose Alani, it’s what she is there for.

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She is both. All depends on her build. A combat build can easily shutdown an Oscar Mike and since he is the most played character having her do that is very useful.

So you want people to know how to play Alani, but without them choosing Alani, because you want to play her instead? I don’t really follow the reasoning in original post.

After people realize how she needs to build up osmosis to heal efficiently, they will get better at supporting. Right now there’s no point in complaining how people have no idea what to do - the character was out for less than two days. Give it time, she’s not tagged as “easy” hero for a reason.

He is deff not the most played when I choose whiskey :frowning:

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Yes, and nearly every ladder in her helix can buff her attacking abilities. If you want to play her as a healer with some attacking abilities, you choose the healing augments. If you want to play her as an attacker with some healing abilities, you choose the attacking augments. That’s the point of the helix.

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