Everyone write favourite 5

My favourite five is


I like shards each hit and kleese’s heal

I still need to unlock them all. :sob:

So far, my team is Attikus, Kleese, Reyna, Miko, and Galilea. They’ve carried me further than any other team combination I’ve tried.

Galilea, Rath, Miko, Benedict and now Kleese

Boldur, whiskey foxtrot, phoebe, ghalt, thorn.

Kelvin - Galilea - Rath - Shayne & Aurox- Miko

Those AoE team dps based ults <3

Kleese -> Miko -> Rath -> Shayne & Aurox -> Galilea

Using this team to farm Artifact thingies and they can all clear multiple waves with ease. Once I start pushing for higher waves then I’ll include someone with high sustained damage and single wave nukes.

Caldarius, Oscar Mike, Ambra. Kelvin, Reyna

Rath-Miko-Kleese-S&A-Oscar Mike. Wave clearing badasses.

Shayne & Aurox - Galilea - Alani - attikus and my favorite Kelvin <3

Do you mean Ambra?, Alani is not in the game.

I think the most important thing is team dps ulties and shard each hit. Normal dps ulties sometimes not hitting much characters sometimes do low damage but team dps always high. And more shards mean more damage. I think

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Miko-> Kleese-> Rath-> Whisky-> Kelvin
In that order.

Their cooldown timers are relatively short and they’re perfect for swift wave clearing. Rath can also chew through Boss battles. If you prefer to have a one shot nuke in your arsenal, Whiskey can be substituted with your favorite nuker.

At the beginning, before you get the higher level characters, I recommend:
Rath-> Oscar-> Miko-> Pheobe-> Montana

So far at least two people haven’t noticed the battleborn tap icon

Just noticed it. My bad.

Naw it’s cool lol, it’s just a small subsection in the General battleborn section so it’s understandable that people wouldn’t notice. There’s a possibility even some of the people who didn’t say Alani were talking about the full game as well

Whiskey Foxtrot,
and El Dragoooooooooooooon

In that order. Kleese almost made the list, but I love playing El Dragon late game, and I love Attikus’ kit in theory, however, it doesn’t always pan out. xD

@timtoborne just curious but were you talking about Battleborn or Battleborn Tap

That’s strange, this appeared in the general thread list on my computer… weird. Normal BB though. xD sorry, I guess either my monitor or my eyes need checking out.