Everyone's favourite legendaries and why?

Absolutely love the Veruc and the Ogre, was wondering everyone’s favourite legendary weapons from Borderlands 1, 2 and Pre Sequel :slight_smile:

Borderlands - Unforgiven Masher - Took me 4 years to get one!

Borderlands 2 - Bekah - so so pretty and seriously under rated.

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DPUH with the grog nozzle on the side of course.

Borderlands Remaster: the Silent Night is wonderful for Craw Smashing. I love my Defiler, Hellfire, ans Volcano. I just want a Tsunami.

BL2: I love the concept of The Storm. The Slowhand is a bunch of fun.

BLTPS : my Aurelia is built on Skullsmasher x Boxxy combo. The Skullsmasher gets multiple critical hits if done right, and still activates warning shot, which means that my kill with it makes my Boxxy faster, and since I have automatic cryo damage as a kill skill, the Boxxy’s bouncing bullets freeze more enemies.


Borderlands: Hellfire

Borderlands 2: Ladyfist post patch.

TPS: Luck Cannon

I can’t tell if you’re joking about this or not. Here on the forums the Bekah is widely accepted as one of the, if not the, best AR in the game. It’s a unicorn, meaning it’s awfully tough to get, but definitely not underrated.


Deliverance: good shotgun, great anti aircraft artillery.

Baby Maker: good SMG, wonderful grenade

Fastball: so satisfying to gank surveyors with them

Kerblaster: there is only one question, to which the answer is: EXPLOSIONS!!!

(Edited for accuracy and to wipe away the tears of @Piemanlee. I love the Hail too. Sorry bud.)


cries in hail

I should probably answer

Bl1: i really liked the crux, s&s shotguns were great

Bl2: my favorite guns are the heartbreaker and the wanderlust(yes I’m serious)

Tps: laser disker, probably the most satisfying weapon in the game and works great with jack(well anyone really)


BL1 - Stinger & Hellfire. Complete 1life run from lvl 0 to the end of PT2 using just these two weapons.
BL2 - Lyudas and Hellfire, sometimes B-tch. Pretty much nothing else. Oh, and Stormfronts/Electric chairs.
For me, once I can farm Lyudas I’ve beaten the game, those snipers-slash-kinda assault rifles just kill everything I need killed.
For the Peak I add a Hornet since that destroys much things Peak-wise.


BL2: Peak Opener, Omen, Fastball, Quasar, Lyuda.

TPS: Laser Disker, Thunderfire, Flayer, the Machine.

BL1: haven’t played as much but Orion, Crux, and Hellfire have been my favorites

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BL2 - Bekah for Maya; tossup between Hail and Lyuda for Gaige, but there’s a lot to be said for a Thunderball Fists for her as well

TPS - Striker for Doppelganger (will most likely change to Flayer as soon as I can get one to drop, tho); tossup between Flakker and Luck Cannon for FR4G-TP

BL1 - I honestly don’t have enough experience with BL1 legendaries to form an opinion

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I’m a big fan of the Firehawk and Thanatos. I got lucky getting an Invader/Nemesis hybrid though, I suppose I just like repeaters and MPs.

For BL2 the first thing that comes to mind is Maya’s Legendary Binder COM, but I suppose that’s more the playstyle I love.
I love a Shock Veruc on Gaige, and the Hornet is a staple for most of my toons.

Cat o’ Nine Tails and Excalibastard for lasers, 3DD1.E for Oz kits, and any Jakobs Legendary cause I run a crit aimbot Nisha.

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Is that decent?

(Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’ve never really discussed TPS weapons).

I haven’t got much use out of it, but this is mostly prejudice, as I don’t really like either railguns or Arthurian legends…



It’s a utility sniper that also deals solid damage, I love it. Headshots instantly freeze enemies, and I think critical melee hits with its blade pull enemies to you. It’s a monster for any melee run.

Since it’s so utility focused you don’t really need it to be on level, my 40s Athena could probably use her current one at Lv60, she just couldn’t kill things at range with it.

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I say it is under-rated because I have 2 spare Bekahs and whenever I do drop lobbies and offer them to other players they flat out refuse to take them - obviously don’t know a good thing when they see it!

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You obviously like playing on easy mode!

Philistines!!! What’s your platform? If we match up I’ll gladly take one of them off your hands. I likely have nothing to offer in trade, but am more than happy to help clean your safe. :wink:

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I am on PS4 and have LVL80 Boss Bekah - Jacobs Grip, Dahl stock.
If you want her send me a pm with your PSN id (assuming you have one!).

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BL1: Orion.
BL2: Striker.
BLTPS: Same as 2. But I like the ZX-1 alot too, even if it never sees any use.

Since people mention pearls too, here are mine:
Serpens, and Bekah.