Everyone's Thoughts on Boldur

Just wondering what other people think of Boldur right now. I like the character but find it very irritating to play against as I think I’ve maybe seen… like… one killed… ever. As soon as I see Boldur on the opposing team I basically ignore their existence entirely unless they start running through our lines and Boldurdashing teammates back into their own lines to focus em down.

I get that he’s a tank… and that being hard to kill is his schtick… but he really seems a little over the top ridiculous to me and the arguments in his defense always seem to be along the lines of “oh, just chain stun/silence him and attack him with 3-5 ppl at once.” I haven’t seen many terribly fantastic players using him but even if the player isn’t incredible I still don’t see the point in ever trying to kill him. The one time I saw him die was at lvl 1 and he tried to bumrush our line at the very start of the game before he had anything going for him. I’ve watched 4 ppl go to town on him from the sides and back to no avail while he waited for Boldurdash to be up so he could make his escape. I can’t think of any other character capable of taking such an insane amount of punishment for such a sustained periord without even coming close to death, even if someone isn’t feeding his heal shield.


Broke pre patch and post patch. Hate him. Not everyone is great with him but impossible to deal with if they are great with him. Has entirely to much going for him


I’ve said enough on this topic. Good Boldurs seem like they came from a different game with different stats.

Yup. The sad thing is when I play in the am where all the Japanese come out to play. Almost always a boldur on there teams with top tier characters while somebody on my team wants to learn how to play whiskey this round. It’s pretty terrible

at least boldur you can get away from. Bennedict will just snipe you with hawkeye and then proceed to hit you for 2-3k over the next 2-3 seconds.

Never had problems with Benedict post major rebalancing for him. he is a mid tier worry for me at best

You can get away from Boldur, yes, but he can also stroll across the entire map like you’re not even there. It’s silly. I think he should have a massive dmg resistance from the front, a medium damage resistance from the sides, but -greatly- amplified damage from the rear. At least then he’d have a vulnerability and he’d be forced to be played more cautiously. Right now pretty much any Boldur can get away with doing almost anything they want unpenalized.

What I wanr to know is why is he one of the faster characters in the game? He should move waaaaaaaaay slower

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I just played my first match post patch and he feels super strong. The shield is noticeably weaker but my god he hits like a truck. I am level 4 or something with him but found him to be very easy to play.

Your lucky he’s now down 30% DR and 1,200 hp on his shield.

I don’t think a tank should be able to output so much damage. the good boulder players are a menace. Even early game (pre and post patch). Something that skilled players seem to do a lot with him is dive the sentry from the first minute of the match. With a decent team giving him support it is a nightmare. When they do this and your team tries to focus him, the enemy team has a very easy time picking you off while your distracted. With the AOE nerf, it’s even harder to stop a rush like that. You cannot ignore boulder to focus the minions already at your base now, because he can kill you quick.

His DR was only nerfed by 10% not 30% so instead of having 50% at lvl 5 he has 35% with the correct helix choice. I don’t even notice the shield nerf because I started grabbing the bigger shield at lvl 3 instead of the slowing fists. Neither of those 2 nerfs even matter because of how much they buffed the rest of his kit/helix.

They changed boldur from unkillable beast to tough to kill burst assassin. Axe toss is capable of doing 900 damage(which is insane for a tank and shouldn’t be possible at all) and boldur dash is also capable of doing f*ck tons of damage. His skills got buffed WAY too much Imo

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Pre patch he was unkillable. Even a bad Boldur player couldn’t die at level 5+. Now, he does some more damage and is easier to use, but guess what, he can die at all levels. I guess people have the same problem with a good Kelvin, a good escape plus tons of health.

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I would like to point out that he is still REALLY hard to kill and does WAY more damage then he did before. He lost 10% DR as stated above and some shield strength/healing from said shield but who cares when he kills someone on every single stun?

He was a menace before the patch, but now he’s just an absolute monster. He still is incredibly hard to kill, and he hits way harder so you can’t just bypass him anymore at early levels. Plus factor in the best counter to him, ghalt, lost his stun. Add the nerf to aoe and it just makes him that much better.


Hmm guess they didn’t go through with the nerf to his lvl 5 helix. He only lost 25%

Then on top of that you ran Blissbeasts for the extra 10% and if you chose to something else that ran 5% DR (I like ground pounders). Which in the end gave you right up around 65% DR. So in the end its not that bad.

If you wanted to Boldur could already burst 1100ish, which most didn’t know, now after the buffs he pushes the 1500 range pretty well. Also now that his shield dies easier you can actually use his legendary.

He’s still hard enough to kill he’s pretty much not worth trying to kill in the first place. Basically have to not pay attention to anyone but him for a very long time to even have a shot of bringing him down.

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He’s strong in the right hands, but his early game isn’t very good and can be quite hard to get rolling (if you’ll pardon the pun). He does have a few good counters though, Benedict being probably the best one I’ve seen, his rockets just tend to go right through the shield.

any AoE damage can’t really be blocked. it’s one of the reasons earnest can solo the doubles

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