Everything I Would Change in BL3

So it’s been about 2 months since I’ve logged into Bl3. Keep in mind that includes about 50 days of quarantine where I was so bored I actually did VOLUNTARY yard work. I kept tabs on the updates every time they were to see if they made changes that would bring me back…to no avail. So I started thinking about what it would take to get me back into it( I have about 150 hours across 4 hunters for reference). Here’s my totally unrealistic list.

  1. Go back to the drawing board on weapon balance and power variance. This has overall been my biggest gripe with BL3. There are so many weapons that either fall into the brokenly op or the instant vendor category. You have things like the Hex, YellowCake, Sandhawk(all requiring nerfs) on one end with probably half of all other legendarys on the other end because the only thing legendary about them is that they spawn with fixed parts or something similar. The vast majority of these problems could be fixed if Gearbox just did the smallest amount of testing on these weapons and annoints before they release them. So just rebalance practically every single weapon around their given difficulty

  2. Anointments are a great idea executed horribly. There are way to many of them, not to mention the massive gulf in power between some of them. I would massively scale them back to only be class oriented while branching out with the activation methods , as numerous builds and sometimes entire vault hunters(Moze) struggle with ASE annointments.

  3. Time Gated Content is baffling to have in this time of game. It’s one thing to have an event where only skins or some similar item are up for grabs, but to put build defining weapons and annoints behind a once a year event is insane. The overworld events(like the Halloween skulls) could stick around for just the event, but we should still be able to farm places like Heck and the Villa after the event ends. Either that or add all the items to the regular item pool somewhere.

  4. Stop adding talent points. I don’t remember the interview but a gearbox employee actually stated that adding so many points in BL2 was a mistake, and yet here we are with 6 extra points not a year into the game. Not only does it make balancing more difficult, if it keeps up builds will be largely irrelevant like how they became towards the end of bl2.

  5. This ties in a bit to my earlier post but, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TEST YOUR ITEMS BEFORE YOU RELEASE THEM. If you don’t have the staff then start a ptr and let players test them. This game has more patch notes than games that have been out for 5 years.

  6. We need more ways to spend currency. It took me very little time to hit the point where both in game currencies were basically useless. Add in ways to reroll or customize our gear with cash and eridium.

Honestly I feel like 90% of the problems with this game could be solved with a ptr that allows better testing and feedback.