Everything is gone

I just started Borderlands 3 and noticed my skin was missing. I went to put it back on and all of my skins/heads/etc were missing. I went to check if my gun skins were gone as well and found that my item from the first DLC was unequipped saying I needed the DLC. What should I do to fix this?

There’s a couple of things I can think of.

First would be the DLC: there is currently some issue where you have to be on-line for the game to register that you own the DLC otherwise it will do exactly what you describe. Hopefully proper off-line mode will be made functional for the DLC; currently however you can’t play in off-line mode if you want your DLC items.

Second: If all your cosmetics are missing, I would also check your eridium, cash, and bank contents. These things are all in a file called profile.sav somewhere within the BL3 folders (sorry - don’t remember which). If that file got corrupted or deleted, you’ll need to find a way to restore it. Did you get any messages from the Epic launcher/client about syncing cloud saves when you booted up the game?

Thanks for the response. I tried reloading the game to see if I could figure anything out and Epic Launcher is no longer letting me log in. It is getting stuck as “preparing launcher” then flashes to “verifying” for a second before going back to the login screen. I think this is the issue. I went through the connectivity stuff their tech support suggested, but it still isn’t working. I’m getting really tired of Epic. I sent a ticket in. We’ll see what happens. I can’t even start the game right now.

See if there’s an update for the client/launcher. Then, select BL3 in your library, click on the dots, and verify files.

It won’t let me log into the launcher at all. I can’t get to the library.

Can you still access your EGS account via the web site at least?

Yeah, without a problem. I just got back into my Epic Launcher. I’m not sure what changed, but it is letting me now. Only problem is it is not recognizing any of my installed games. I’m trying the trick where you download for a short while then close and swap folder names. This whole process is so unbelievably frustrating.