Everything wrong with Battleborn (and how to fix them!) MY RESPONSE

(original thread here: Everything wrong with Battleborn (and how to fix them!))
the original thread was locked and I don’t really understand why

Mod said it was because I called them facts and that didn’t allow discussion to grow… but users could always try and debunk said facts in the discussion, and I even had a category of my opinions, so I legit don’t know why it was locked.

here is my response arguments outright put arguments in my mouth.

(Everything wrong with Battleborn (and how to fix them!)):

That wasn’t my point, at all, I was saying in order to get the most out of shayne you’d pick the right helix, and this could still be accomplished through “chaining cc’s.” I wasn’t saying they’re best for dishing out the most

(Everything wrong with Battleborn (and how to fix them!)):

"do you have any idea what that would do to calculated risk and that other thing kleese does?!?!?!?!?!??!"
No I don’t, and it shouldn’t matter, just cause of one characters augmentation doesn’t mean gear shouldn’t be buffed. Thorn can get 34 health regen per second, and Kelvin even more, should health regen get a nerf?? nah

and i guess wasn’t clear on the hollow twin part. I’m talking about the level two helix’s specifically should be buffed.
Her first left helix is completely asinine. The description is so poor and bland that most deande players opt for the AoE option because of course they would, “dash distance” sounds much less impressive in comparison. The ONLY reason I choose it because I like the standard burst dash attack. Wondertwin is should replace it OR keep the mutation, make the dash distance default (which it should) and replace the left helix with something else.
The left helix is convention sure, but let’s be real it should have been the standard, and is very unhelpful compared to lifesteal and an AoE augmentation.

"her “+50% dash distance helix” is non existent. I’m going to assume you are talking about Deadly Reach"
No, I wasn’t.

“if Deadly Reach was the default and was replaced by wonder twins then no one would ever chose wonder twins. no one does even now. And more importantly what would replace wonder twins at the bottom there? A 50% increase to all skill damage? An augment that turns burst dash into a paradigm shift? a stillborn zebra? Give me something to work with here! anything! hello?”

that’s the problem brehs. I did pick it occasionally since it made escaping more ideal, I would pick it more, going backwards every time I’d enter holotwin wasn’t so inconvenient,

(Everything wrong with Battleborn (and how to fix them!)):

I never proposed instant respawn, just shave off the 20 second penalty and 10 seconds at most and It’d be more tolerable
"As a spectator for a minute, you should be watching the battlefield to see who needs help on your team next, what objective you can help, who is causing the most trouble for your team, etc…"

No, I shouldn’t, watching other people play is simply not fun, I rather you know play it myself.
and no it increases based on level, which I said felt like penalizing the winning players…

(Everything wrong with Battleborn (and how to fix them!)):

Are you legit saying that they made his secondary suck on purpose?? From a developer point that’d be ridiculous, a better argument would be because they think he’s powerful enough and didn’t buff it but to say it wasn’t meant to be useful in the first place?? Everything in your kit should be useful, those shrunkens prove no use whatsoever

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with your opinions on balance but it doesn’t seem as if you actually want to have a discussion. If you truly believe that what others believe as opinion is fact, then there is no room for discussion.

You can’t argue fact


I wanted more discussion on the opinions, and wanted to see if people could disprove me (which they couldn’t)

it’s very easy to argue fact, debunking it is np

I’m not gonna argue semantics but…

Have fun with your discussion


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