Everything wrong with Battleborn (and how to fix them!)

I’ll first list all the facts, and remember a fact is something that can be proven.

#1: cosmetic skins are a rip off

you see this wasn’t clear when platinum first came into play. But when I saw how, cough generous, the publishers were to price Operations then it only made it more apparent. Once you charge things so far apart in quality for the same quantity it’s clearly a rip off. But wait, you might say “But SDEN, you can get platinum for free now!” and that’s true, but let’s be realistic. at BEST it would take three weeks and one day (32 platinum per day) at worst it would take a nearly six months (4 platinum per day.) you’re only gonna be buying xp boosters and taunts with XP, at least that’s what any sane person would do. There’s also this argument that it’s not a rip off because gbx didn’t “force” me to buy it. Well you see when you cut off a portion of the game (skins and OP’s) they’re blocked by a pay wall, then that’s how it’s a rip off. I have the resources, I can buy them, but when ‘forced’ to buy them because I want to experience everything the game has to offer, greed sets in. Ubisoft did the EXACT same thing and they got ■■■■ for it, so why not 2k?

#2: One minute (54 actually, but who’s counting?) respawn time is a bad game design

so for some reason people kept using this argument “you could always could just not die” and here’s why that’s dumb argument. There’s a such thing as “unwinnable circumstances.” say I’m outnumbered, all my skills are on cooldown and I can’t escape, etc. I can’t be invincible, but if it is my fault for dying in all then it is a punishment. And it makes no sense, why penalize the players winning? You are giving players who are getting their ass handed to them the benefit of the doubt. If you ever hit that point where you’re like “Oh well at least they’re out for 40 seconds” you’ve done nothing to earn that ‘advantage.’ Most importantly it’s boring. there’s nothing fun about spectating, any reflection and planning I can do can be done under 10 seconds or on the way back to the battlefield, there’s just nothing to do. If I have to be like “Oh well I better find a video to watch during this time” WHILE playing your game then you have a flawed game design. There are only two things you need to worry about to make a good game. Gameplay and Immersion, if you break those at any giving point, then you have messed up.

#3: The Melka Venom nerf makes no sense

So some time ago during an update stream they acknowledged that Melka’s venom was annoying af so they rightfully decreased the duration but buffed the damage. the devs then decided to go BACK on that change for absolutely no reason. That makes absolutely no sense. and now it’s annoying again -_- however, someone proposed that Melka doesn’t die enough, so they’re trying to force the combat playstyle on us, and not use venom as a damge output.


I’d explain what’s wrong with that but it kinda speaks for itself.

#4: Pendles secondary is useless

Too much prep time to do too little damage. At one point Anonmyous said, and I quote, "It’s not exactly meant to be useful."
That’s just the most absurd thing. If the Devs purposely made his secondary suck then that’s just bad game designing on the devs part.

#5: Shayne & Aurox’s 100% slow is dumb

I don’t see how it’s better than the default slow, I mean why would you pick it over an attack speed buff?? It’s basically just a quicksand option that’s no better than the default or the attack speed buff. A one sec stun is CLEARLY better because the enemy can’t move, it’s not 3 seconds, the enemy can’t attack or use skills, hell I’ll even take a 3 second silence over 100 slow.

#6: Orendi needs another option for her lvl 1 helix

All the other revealers have two options, for example Whiskey has reveals AND does increase dmg, Ambra has Reveal AND 112 DoT. If there’s no stealth players then there’s no reason for the right helix, and it shouldn’t be like that. AND FOR GOD’S SAKE get rid of her lvl 6 or 7 idk helix that spawns pillarstorm instantly after nullify, why would you think that’s a good idea??

And now the opinions

Ghalt should have a default wound, or hell even a mutation helix for wound, on his tactical rounds. Fits the role of being a disruptor more.

Deande should have a holotwin buff on her helix’s, ALSO, her “+50 dash distance” should be DEFAULT, not a helix, the wonder twin mutation should replace it.

Sheild pen gear greatly needs a buff. For instance Miko does like what 48 DoT. 20 percent of that is like 4 dmg? That’s useless af. Please make it at least 60.

140 + Sheild Strenght is also weak, pls make it 240 to get some more worth out of it. The Eldrid get base 7 percent heal regen but heal regen gear is twice that?

Add life steal gear, like 8%

Replace all the generic helixs. Phoebe has the same sheild strengh + recharge rate helix ghalt has and she’s not even a tank?

Increase Pendles slow

It’s actually evil genius levels of annoying: those who don’t play Mell are annoyed that venom lasts eight seconds, while those who do play Mell are annoyed that it does no damage. (Quite often literally no damage, as at 6 DPS, any Eldrid regen or a regen secondary gear effect outheals it.)

When a character is neither fun to play against nor fun to play as… well, you know how this goes.


IMO it was OP before, and its UP now. Its the classic over nerf. A skilled Mellka could dive among 5 enemies and a sentry, kill a fleeing enemy with venom, and escape without being touched (unless stunned). I think people really underestimate the advatage of being tiny in BB. When I play Alani, it feels like no one ever hits me. Because they aren’t. Because Alani is friggin tiny.

I dont know if it was like this on consoles, but on PC Mellka was becoming a near invincible assassin. That’s not to say those Mellka players weren’t skilled, they definitely were. But a nerf was appropriate. They just overdid it.

Do you not know about Calculated Risk or Overloaded Mortars? [quote=“sonyktukevil, post:1, topic:1556411”]
Deande should have a holotwin buff on her helix’s, ALSO, her “+50 dash distance” should be DEFAULT, not a helix, the wonder twin mutation should replace it.

Holotwin is already one of the best skills in the game. It does 200 damage on explosion (which is the same amount as a lot of other moderately damage dealing skills) PLUS whatever damage the clone itself does and it activates Deande’s passive which gives her some gross damage on everything she does.

Ghalt does not need a buff. My god.


To be honest the only things I think listed here that makes sense is a buff to shield pen and that the Mellka’s nerf was unnecessary.

what’s wrong with wound

you singlehandedly make anyone reading this post not take you seriously.

haven’t you already brought up like 3 of these “”""“facts”""""" in separate posts? in which almost every addition disagreed with you so you called others stupid for not blindly agreeing with your half-cooked points?

However, I do agree with your point that mellka’s poison and pendles’ secondary both need work. however I don’t agree with why for Mellka and i think a simple doubling the fire rate but halving the damage could help pendles tremendously.


Ghalt doesn’t need it.

had to update it brb

I think it should be like that. I like it when I’m forced to adapt my strategies based on my opponents. Makes for more interesting matches. [quote=“sonyktukevil, post:1, topic:1556411”]
get rid of her lvl 6 or 7 idk helix that spawns pillarstorm instantly after nullify,

Level 6 and it doesn’t spawn pillarstorm. Pillarstorm is her level 10 mutation for her ult. It’s a fair helix because you are giving up an extra 15% damage increase. 15% extra damage on Shadow Fire Pillar is a lot of damage.


Ghalt doesn’t need wound because he’s already incredibly deadly. In incursion if Ghalt hits you with hook, you’re dead. Its why I chuckled when people complained about the mine nerf.

Ghalt’s real power is and always has been his hook. When my friend plays as Ghalt and hooks an enemy, that enemy tends to die before they are even fully pulled.

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No? tf is that

He does, more players needs wound

Yes, these facts are proven tho everybody else is wave riding

People overestimate how much damage her venom used to do. This was my breakdown of her damage sources prior to the hotfix:


It was core to her damage because it was key to so many helixes, but it was still only a non-stackable base 140 damage dealt over 4 seconds. In a game where Hawkeye exists, it’s kinda hard to press a case for venom having dealt too much damage.


wtf does the hook have to do for shutting down healers?

No offense intended, but would you care to offer any of the aforementioned proof for some of these (for example the respawn timer or S&A’s slow)?


What?? I literally explained every reason for most of them, and every single one in facts

brehs I rather die by venom then have that constant vibration, noice, and fx on my screen. and the fact that she can spam it so often makes it even more dreaful -_-