Everything Wrong With Incursion [story style (:]

Lets start from the beginning, the match just started Marquise / Thorn / Montana are killing the sentry right off the bat. The game continues one team is 100x better then the other guaranteed you will dominate or be destroyed. If the match continues to go on you will begin to notice if you are the unlucky soul on the piss poor team your members will be playing CoD style. They will be running and jumping all around spraying bullets all across the battlefield with not a care in the world; its all about that KDR. Nobody will be paying a lick of attention to the Mercenary camps that pop up leaving you all by your lonesome to go do them. You take the single Mercenary camp fairly easy, you create a bot to come assist him then run over to the duo Mercenary camps you kill them both then BAM! 2-3 people from the enemy team come and annihilate you and take the camp you just worked for. While in the meantime your team is still playing CoD and not doing it well at that. By this time your first sentry is gone and your team has been pushed back and you’re sitting annoyed at your terrible team. You decide to continue the fight and try to make the best of it except at this point in the game the enemy team already has such an abundance of resources left because nobody was destroying the buildables causing them to spend more shards to re-build them. The enemy has moved into what used to be your “safe haven” guarded in the front by a missile turret which is now theirs and a healing station in the center where they can retreat back for cover. Your only hope is to rush in there as fast as you can and hope to take one of them down with you before you make your sly escape even though that will be very unlikely due to the healing station in the middle. So you’re left sitting in the background watching the enemy unload everything they have on your sentry knowing you are powerless to do anything to stop them. After a few seconds of gently sobbing at how terrible your team was the big yellow letters DEFEAT come up with that heart breaking 0-100 under it. The End

Hmm, we have very different experiences with Incursion, I play with a team and we spend a lot of time setting setting up for a late game blowout. It’s all about team composition and strategy. What platform do you play on?

This. If you are having a hard time and are tired of playing with poor pick up groups, meet some people on the message boards and group up with them. I’ve met over 4 people so far and everytime I get into a group, we win, on average, over 80% of our games together. This is on every type of match.

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xbox, and sadly my catchy little story is the only thing ive experienced on it lol

Oh yeah, I already tried giving you advice. You just said you were done with the game and going to go play Overwatch.


Shame, I’m on PS4. As @chairman7wjr said, meet some players on these forums and form an organised team. Try new team combinations and tactics. Late game wins every time, if your opponents want to rush then stall them out and when they’re frustrated over a stalemate they’ll make a mistake, that’s when you pounce and capitalise. Have a speedster who can dart in and out to buy mid turret and steal shards while your team creates a diversion, such as a false push, you can steal mid thralls while they’re distracted as well and force them back. In my experience, the team that pushes first loses the late game, focus on defending your sentry not attacking theirs, you have 30 minutes so use them all. Sometimes an unexpected last minute push can wipe the enemy team and damage the sentry enough to win.

ive already tried getting groups and to no avail most people i had gotten were just as sloppy as the randoms. 90% of people on xbox are just bad at this game i guess. nobody wants to listen they only want to run an gun. i enjoy the game but the player base is horrible to say the least. maybe youve had good luck with your groups but i havnt.

Wow. I didn’t know players on this board were so bad. Everyone I’ve met through here were pretty darn good. I guess my intuitions were mistaken.

see having groups that think like that would be great. thats how i prefer to approach these types of games. most my teams though dont they want to play it like CoD and just rack up as many kills as they can and dont really care if they win or lose as long as they had there killing spree they wanted :confused:

are you on xbox as well? i read here an there that on pc its better and people play the way is should be and not as much random killing. im starting to feel its just xbox where people want to kill rather then actually play. ive tried not doing the objectives and see if someone else would but they wouldn’t. everyone stayed in the middle and just killed. same with meltdown and capture. they didn’t focus on the objective and only cared for kills. especially in capture, they would let the enemy take all 3 points and they wouldn’t try to stop them they would only go for kills then move on. when your facing someone who only cares for the kill its pretty easy to lure them away from a point get them to follow you around the map.

Nah. Ps4. That’s the way to be!

yeah ps4 seems to have a pretty good playerbase in it

Because people on pc have actually played Mobas and know objectives are better than kills.

pretty much, hoping they make a way if you buy it on xbox you can use your account on pc with out rebuying the game. i believe i read about that somewhere but it may have been someones idea or something.

I play this on Xbox and the beta on pc. Really kinda tired of hearing the old “Xbox is for bro shooters” coming out . Technically for console shooters the ps4 is currently the home of the “bro shooters” and you get COD types on every system. SMITE on Xbox one is actually pretty popular and was on that console for a year before the ps4 got it so most are familiar with MOBAs.
There are still plenty of gung ho lone wolves out there but I blame how the game was marketed and the fact that every single gaming site can’t mention Battleborn without name dropping Overwatch (which is more suited for cod style of play).

What I think is wrong with incoursion:

  1. The turrets, thrall, and big boy bots are all pretty pathetic. To the point where people will just ignore them most of the time then blow them up when it is convenient. Getting a thrall camp CAN distract the enemy for a bit, but it usualy just feeds the enemy team XP from the thrall kills.

  2. The only mob worth it’s salt is the shield bot taht starts spawning once you are winning, the overshield it gives combined with the amount of mobs it protects and how often it spawns means that even if the losing team wipes the winning team after their sentry is down, by the time they have cleared through groups of overshield mobs they might not even be out of their base yet as the enemy team runs back in from being dead. Honestly, those bots should spawn for the team that has LOST their sentry as incentive to not immediately give up.

  3. Power creep is so strong in this mode, people give up so fast the sentry might only have lost 3%hp. The game is a snowball, with the guys that do better at lvl 1 continuing to get more crystals, thrall, mx bots, shepard bots, turrets, and levels to blow up the other team. There is such little hope of coming back from being even slightly worse than the enemy team that most people give up within 3 to 5 minutes.

  4. The spider sentry’s can be shot from many places around the map, where it can’t fire back. This basicallly makes creeps even MORE useless than they already are because it’s all about exploiting the sentry’s LOS. In overgrowth you can sit in the side pocket area and shoot it’s feet and it can’t see you, you can sit on your health station or the front stairs and not only can it not see you but the enemy team barely can either, and lastly any character with a large jump (kleese, rocket bird, etc) can jump behind you and shoot it in the legs there where the wall protecs you from it’s weapons. The last sentry is the same, with the elevated position letting you shoot it but it can’t shoot over the lip… most games are over by the time this matters though, it would only becoming a thing if they fixed the first sentry.

The sentry needs shields that can regen in combat through a single person’s damage, but this regen is disabled when it gets attacked by shield breaker bots (the creeps). So either a full team push, or bot escort is REQUIRED to attack the base. Then, add homing rocket mortars with collision avoidance to it, so that if it gets attacked by something and it can’t fire back, it switches to those and hits people exploiting it from around corners by targeting it’s toes or shield from across the map.

As long as the sentry’s are soloable, this game mode will be a failure and broken.

As Horty pointed out, these are the most common matches in incursion mode. Meltdown mode is a whole different mess. The pub matching system is not good if you just want a quick game. Often people don’t know have to play moba lites and they do just run in and die over and over again. There really needs to be a tutorial system to teach people how to play this type of game. The most common occurrence I have had in this game is that when my team is getting pushed at lvl 1 by the other team someone always puts up a vote to surrender and it goes through. The maps for incursion mode also suffer from bottleneck syndrome. There are too many bottlenecks. The incursion mode feels like ARAM but with side rooms and super creeps (The thralls I guess). The maps need to be changed drastically, cause oscar mike can just attack the sentry whenever he feels like it. People need to learn how to play the game properly (by learning some tactics and how to fight with the team) and learn that kills do not count when you lose every single match. I would say that the people who play like that will most likely switch to Overwatch, cause it is an arcade type of game and a TF2 clone, so it’ll be easier for them to play that. I will be playing both games, so if anyone wants to play Battleborn I’m on PS4 as nebs92.

I hate bro shooters so much, and you are right there are too many bro shooters on PS4. Even on SMITE, there is a problem with people not learning how to play moba styled games. It’s just as bad in SMITE as it is in BattleBorn.

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i played smite when it first came to xbox and loved it, but as they continued to make patches and more people found the perfect builds it just became a insta-kill fest @TrafLaw people would be so kill greedy on there they would chase people through towers into titans and even in some cases right into the fountain to try and make a kill but die in the process making no productive actions for the team. so i came to look into battleborn. im just hoping it wont take too long for people to start getting the right mentality of how to play effectively so matches are close and tense. id rather lose a close match then be dominated from the start.

thats true, why give the winning team a bigger advantage to help them win even more? if anything the losing team should get them as a “here lets help you get back into the fight” sort of thing. ive noticed alot of the time once the first sentry is downed the game is just a downhill spiral from there and it doesn’t take much to kill the first sentry with any long range character or hiding in its blind spots. there have been times when the match is 50/50 then it gets down to 30 sec and all of a sudden theres that one guy who stealth past everyone and unloads everything on the last sentry to just get it down a point or two and steal a win.

all of those are perfect points, there shouldnt be any areas at all that you can shoot it where it cant shoot you. it can do high damage very fast if your getting hit, but whats the use if you can hide from it.

thats the main point in games like this, and smite had the same issue. they made the final “boss” to easy to solo in smite one person could run up and kill the titan by himself in a matter of seconds. although here you cant run up to it and kill it in seconds you can still hang back and do damage to it and slowly kill it solo. especially on the last sentry where you can hang back in the room with the healing station once a team gets to that point its game over. 5 people in that room with a turret that can aim into it as well as a healing station 5 + turret + healing station vs 5 isnt exactly a fair fight and 99% of the time unless your a perfect team you will not wipe them out of there and youll only suffer heavy casualties further progressing your defeat
the turrets health station and speed stations should not be allowed to be taken over by the enemy they should just stay disabled until someone from that team repairs and upgrades them again at that point it comes down to “we need to push through our base again, through mid, through there base to do anything.” while there sitting there protected as if in their own base.
Also both sentry should to increased percentage damage to players but not bots. so weather your a tank dps or healer you will die in say 4 hits. 33% of your hp per hit. so you need to have minions there to tank it if you try to do it solo you will have your warning shots to break LOS or die.
really one good push is all you need to win a game. ive had teams at the 2 min mark go for a full bum rush push on my team and plow through everything both sentry all the turrets in one go, if people learn to do one big ass late game push it can secure an easy win. but everyone goes in too early when there still on the weaker end of upgrades and barely does damage to the sentry
people may not agree with that but its my opinion